Shop and Field Technician

Are you interested in applying a range of technical skills focused on electronics and mechanical systems and want to build underwater laser scanners that are transforming how subsea inspections are performed and do you think that spending time on ships in the North Sea, being lifted by helicopter to offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and the South Pacific sounds interesting?

2G Robotics is committed to a collaborative culture of innovation focused on the development of advanced measurement systems for the installation, inspection, and maintenance of the world’s subsea assets.

2G Robotics is looking for a Robotics Technician to join our production and field operations team. In this position you will be responsible for the fabrication and delivery of our Underwater Laser Scanner equipment to our customers and periodically traveling to places around the world for equipment deployment.

About 2G Robotics

2G Robotics’ mission is to design and manufacture the best imaging and 3D measurement equipment for subsea surveys and inspections in order to ensure safe offshore operation and mitigate environmental damage precipitated by subsea asset failure. The company is dedicated to advanced research, development, and engineering for the production of cutting-edge underwater inspection solutions. The foundation of 2G Robotics is its wealth of engineering expertise in the development of innovative and reliable systems, which has led to the success of its market-leading ULS line of underwater laser scanners. These scanners have been used on all seven continents at extreme depths for a range of underwater inspections, including the high-profile Costa Concordia salvage operation, the U-576 Uboat Inspection and HMS Erebus exploration.


About The Position

As a Robotics Technician within 2G Robotics, you will have several components to your work, requiring a range of technical skills involving the electrical, mechanical and software aspects of our systems. The primary component is the full assembly and testing of our products, while applying your knowledge to improve build processes and procedures in order to achieve high quality standards. Specifically you will inspect incoming components, perform light mechanical assembly, solder wire harnesses and small circuit boards, run calibration and configuration procedures, manage inventory levels and complete final system verification tests.

The second main component of the work is field operations. These can be deployments from between a few days to a couple weeks and often to foreign cultures around the world. On these deployments you will operate the 2G Robotics equipment to collect high quality data and train personnel on the use of our equipment. In addition, you will assist in the troubleshooting of integrating our equipment with robotic submersible vehicles. You will also act as an ambassador of the company and discuss opportunities for further work between 2G Robotics and the customer.

You will also be working with product development in the building and testing of new device prototypes and new device features. You may also be involved in testing and providing feedback on electrical, mechanical or software development changes prior to release into production and field operations.


Required Credentials:

  • Experience operating electronics measurement equipment (multimeter, oscilloscope) for troubleshooting
  • Hand SMT soldering skills and dexterity for mechanical assembly
  • Committed to quality, attention to detail, ability to follow and improve production processes
  • Electrical Engineering or Electronics Degree or related field
  • Capable of passing a marine medical and off shore training (BOSIAT and HUIT certification)
  • Drivers license


  • Operation of mobile robotics or automated equipment
  • Experience working with point clouds and 3D computer visualization
  • Prototype assembly and troubleshooting, testing of robotics or other mechanical/electrical/software systems
  • Experience in marine/outdoor environment
  • Positive attitude and dedication to delivering a quality product