EV Product Manager

We are always looking for amazing talent who can contribute to our growth and deliver world class results! Geotab is seeking a EV Product Manager. The Geotab EV Product Team, based in Waterloo, is the nexus for Customer Development and Customer Discovery. The team’s priority is to drive market-driven revenue growth. To achieve that, the team’s scope includes both discovery and incubation of new business models, as well as growing current in-market business models, in response to market feedback. Our toolbox draws on practices from Lean Startup, Strategyzer, Customer Development/Discovery (Steve Blank), Strategyn, Pragmatic Marketing, and many others in between.

Our Team:

The responsibility scope for the EV Product Team falls into the following 3 areas:

1.New business model discovery:  Success is killing bad ideas quickly, in order to narrow in on important and unmet needs, with good monetization potential.  Lots of hypothesis testing, experiment design and quick execution.

2.New business model incubation:  With sufficient business model validity, next is incubating and growing new business models.  Be the Growth Manager, set and drive growth metrics, working with the support of a cross-functional team.  Guide initial stages of growth with early adopters and beyond.

3.Growth trajectory for in-market business models:  For the business models that are actively being sold in-market today, actively put in place and practice qualitative and quantitative feedback loops to recommend business model changes towards continued revenue growth targets (e.g. unblock trending sales objections, adapt to a new market segment, disrupt with a new lower priced offering, pivot the solution to a better fit, etc.).  Work with early adopter customers to learn and adapt based on feedback, and continue business model validation.

Duties and Tasks/Essential Functions:

  • Get out of the building. Both literally and figuratively. This role is about the customer and learning your market.
  • Perform customer discovery interviews with individuals that are current customers, not current customers and/or in the sales funnel.
  • Support Resellers, Account Managers, Customer Success and Sales teams in capturing insights from existing customers.
  • Digest the various inputs to uncover patterns and the underlying pain points. Prove or disprove customer assumptions:  jobs, related pains and desired gains, or job mapping / jobs-to-be-done framework.
  • Identify relevant customer segments, what the customer is hiring our product to do, and the high-level solution opportunities.
  • May include travel to industry conferences and/or to perform in-person customer interviews.


Specific to growth trajectory in-market business models:

  • Balance short term investments to support sales targets, with long term strategic investments.
  • Collaboratively define and drive reporting and monitoring mechanisms against set growth goals and metrics:  both quantitative and qualitative.
  • Design and execute market feedback loops:Sales:  win and loss interviews and analysis, to identify hard sales blockers and soft sales objections, in partnership with Sales.
  • Retention and Referral:  feedback / satisfaction / effectiveness interviews and analysis, in partnership with Customer Success.
  • Recommend investment decisions across all business model aspects, not only the product, based on analyzed results from quantitative and qualitative feedback.
  • In partnership with Development teams, and other stakeholders, define feature epics, clearly communicating the Why (alignment with product goals, and business objectives), and scope, specifically the user stories collectively forming releasable value.
  • Coordinate feature epic prioritization, with technical debt and quality-stability investments.
  • At the end of the day, you are building Geotab’s customer intelligence to ensure we are prioritizing the right customers, with real problems, that we are uniquely able to solve.

Experience/Skills Required:

  • Post-secondary education in a related business, communications, or technical program, or equivalent experience.
  • 2+ years of experience in product management and/or customer discovery. Bonus if it is in a SaaS environment.
  • Impeccable written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent, excellent listener.
  • Demonstrated resourceful and analytical mindset.
  • Ability to stitch together disparate insights to uncover common patterns.
  • Able to operate effectively in time-sensitive and high-pressure situations.
  • Strong presentation skills, both in person and over web conference.
  • Rarely cause those around you to facepalm (to many people, you will be the face of Geotab).
  • Interest in electric vehicles and green technology considered an asset.