Technical Account Manager

What we hope you will achieve

Your potential story, one year from now…

We’d like to thank you for your contributions providing business consulting and data analytics services to clients that helped the company achieve a consecutive year of triple digit sales growth, two more industry awards, and record customer satisfaction levels. Here are some of your contributions as a member of our product management and client services team:

You mastered the Tangam analytics and visualization software and fully understand the dataflow process from casino floor to Tangam’s internal dashboards. You have trained and presented recommendations to clients (remotely and in-person) to optimize their game mix, table spreads, schedules and general operations to increase their profitability by 10% - 15%. You supported several successful timely rollouts of Tangam’s software along with the Applications Engineers.

With the assistance of the Business Operations Services team, you statistically analyzed clients’ databases with internal tools to understand their patrons’ behavioral and business volume and product performance patterns, shared and discussed obtained insights with the client and configured Tangam’s software based on these insights. You leveraged your superior business and analytics skills, working with various reports and raw operations data, to highlight significant stories in client data that will be most actionable by casino executives.

You helped invent new solutions to customers’ business problems by collaboratively working with the Business teams, developers and customers in rapid iteration cycles to test/refine ideas and prototypes. You then championed the solution through all stages of the software development cycle, from concept, design, development, launch, post-launch usage measurement and fine tuning. Customers love the solution and have provided excellent testimonials. You have then used this client feedback to write and publish press releases that have resulted in new business.

You used your exceptional relationship management skills to ensure that your accounts were never at risk of terminating their contract. You have identified appropriate champions for each of your accounts and confirmed that the value was communicated and understood at each level.

You went beyond expectations and advanced your knowledge of analytics, operations optimization and data visualization. You shared your knowledge with the business analyst team, thus catalyzing process / technology changes that helped them be more effective in their careers.

We can’t wait until next year. Now back to today. If you’d like this story to be yours, apply now.


Who we are

Tangam is a small and rapidly growing company that is at the cutting edge of developing data analytics, operations optimization and visualization software. Our flagship product Table Games Yield Management (TYM) helps casinos to optimize their table games operations through effective resource allocation and staff scheduling. Our software takes the complexity out of data analytics and makes data understandable and actionable to ordinary users. Many large, medium and small casinos in the U.S., Canada, and Australia already use TYM successfully to enhance their business and better satisfy their patrons. Our patented products have won numerous industry awards and recognitions. We continue to push the envelope on what is possible in the area of data analytics and optimization software, and we are always seeking new talent to join us on our exciting journey.

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Top notch communicator. Strong written/oral communication and presentation skills. Strong persuasive skills 2+ years experience in a client-facing role. Excellent ability to communicate complex concepts in a simple manner. Proficiency in spoken and written French/Mandarin/Cantonese are all assets.

Data wizard. 2-5 years of experience in data analysis. Proficient with Excel, pivot tables and macros. Experience working with business intelligence tools such as Tableau, SAS and Cognos is an asset. Knowledge of relational databases with the ability to read and write SQL is an asset.

Educated. Undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics / Statistics, Business / Economics / Finance or in Computer Science / Engineering with a strong mathematics background.

Software development experience is an asset.

Must have no criminal record, and must be willing and able to travel ~20-25% of working time.

Experience with casinos is an asset.