Technologist - Mechanical / Thin Film - R&D

3E Nano has developed and is commercializing a low cost, thermally and optically smart, nano-thin, Solar/Energy Control Coating (SECC) for a $5.3B smart window market growing at 16% CAGR.  3E Nano’s fully transparent coating controls the energy flow through residential/commercial and automotive/aerospace windows promoting energy savings of up to 50%, at half the cost of competitive energy control coatings.  In addition, 3E Nano’s technology has the ability to uniformly electrically heat a window or automotive windshield in seconds, providing very rapid defogging and deicing while still offering solar energy control.


  • The program is based on the research, development, and commercialization of the Lowest Cost, Highest Performing, Ultra Transparent Solar/Energy Control Coating (SCC) for glass and polymer/plastic sheets or roll to roll films.

Specific Duties

  • The principal duty of the position will be to prepare and setup research, testing, monitoring equipment at 3ENano’s research lab facilities and/or other facilities as required.  Including, participating in the research and monitoring or generating testing data as required or assigned.
  • To attend and participate in 3E Nano’s Inc.s and UofT’s activities, e.g. Laboratory, research group weekly, monthly, quarterly meetings, …
  • To make research and commercialization initiatives that are original contributions to the research programme, wherever possible, and to contribute freely to the teams’ research and development environments in a manner conducive to the success of the commercialization program as a whole.
  • To assist with experimental and validation procedures, when and where necessary.

General Duties:

  • Plan, prepare action plans, daily action lists aligned with 3E Nano Inc.’s overall project/program plan.
  • Participate in experiments as requested or assigned.
  • Collect and analyse data.
  • Maintain appropriate databases, keeping accurate written and computerised records and to ensure that these records are stored in a secure place and to maintain confidentiality of all electronically stored personal data in line with the provisions of 3E Nano Inc’s Policies and Procedures.
  • Prepare administrative reports by integrating equipment and facility usage and costs per 3E Nano Inc.’s guidelines.
  • Keep up to date with specific and professional issues, in particular developments, in this specific technology area.
  • Undertake technical and engineering searches to explore potential designs, configurations, next generation systems, etc., and present the findings of the literature searches and advise the research teams appropriately regarding potential directions and opportunities.
  • To supervise and train where necessary new members of 3E Nano Inc. and UofT research teams.
  • To assist in drafting budgets and applications for potential research programme funding and grants.
  • Undertake such other duties as may be reasonably expected by the Sr. Scientist, CSA, and CTO.
  • These duties will be subject to review in line with the changing requirements of 3E Nano Inc., and with the development needs of the postholder as identified through regular review/appraisal processes with the CTO.