Advanced Electro-optic Semiconductor Researcher

About You:

You have a thirst for knowledge with a broad technical background and thrive in a fast-paced high-tech development environment. You excel at taking a high-level goal with no obvious solutions, quickly becoming an expert in the relevant areas of technology, and creating proof-of-concept prototypes as quickly as possible.

What You’ll Do:

This job involves hands-on research, concept development, modelling, synthesis, prototyping and evaluation of advanced electro-optical components or subsystems for use in Near Eye Augmented Reality display systems

  • Within 2 weeks
    • Understand desired display system performance requirements.   
    • Familiarize yourself with internal electro-optical modelling framework and codebase
    • Assist in testing current advanced electro-optical components
  • Within 8 weeks
    • Own parts of the electro-optical modelling codebase
    • Have an electro-optical framework setup to model the new components
    • Collaborate with other Advanced R&D multidisciplinary researchers to develop novel concepts and iterate on component design
    • Develop models to explore, evaluate and synthesize the concepts
    • Consult with electrical, mechanical and optics teams to structure and vet the requirements. Check feasibility with manufacturing teams.
  • Within 4 months, design and fabricate prototype advanced display component for use in the existing or future display architectures.
    • Design the benchtop setup to characterize the new components
    • Design the experiment to prove or disprove the novel aspects of the technology
  • Within 7 months, have working prototypes in glasses or other real-world prototypes
    • Get modified or custom components where needed.
    • Work with the rest of the product teams to integrate the technology in the latest prototypes.
    • Test as quickly as possible in real-world usage on a wide variety of people.

What You’ll Need:

  • Experience with advanced semiconductor fabrication techniques and equipment
  • Experience designing and modeling electro-optic light emitting devices
  • Experience implementing those devices using semiconductor fabrication technologies and processed
  • Hands-on experience characterizing and evaluating the physical devices
  • Experience with electromagnetic modelling of nanoscale structures, optical films,  holographic elements or diffractive optics
  • Experience with python for data analysis, test automation, and optical design
  • Imaging or laser ranging experience

Bonus Points for:

  • Experience modelling optical systems with complex sub-components ((Zemax, Code V preferred)
  • Knowledge of Zemax (scripting, DLL generation)
  • Experience with modelling of diffractive optics.  Knowledge of software or custom code to calculate scattering properties (RCWA, FEA, FDTD)
  • Experience with fabrication of miniature optical subcomponents with glass or plastic
  • Plastic molded optics design, preferably with free form experience.
  • Experience with design and manufacture of novel diffractive sub-components.  
  • Experience with large area diffractive optics in the visible, UV and x-ray regimes.  
  • Experience with novel optical coating design

Feel like you can’t tick all the boxes above? If you have some of the skills and experience that we’re looking for and are willing to use your talent to learn the rest, we encourage you to apply!

Why North:

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About us:

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