Senior Project Manager - Hardware

From device fabrication to integrated-circuits, hardware, software, and system design, the VueReal team carries an extensive experience of what it takes to revolutionize the display industry.

You are a highly experienced program/project manager with expertise in delivering cutting edge multi-disciplinary projects on time and budget. You are motivated to draw upon your years of experience to direct, coordinate, implement, execute, control and complete inter-related and technologically advanced projects, while remaining aligned with strategy, commitments and goals of the organization, keep reading.

YOUR typical day

  • VueReal project consists of device development, hardware, software, semiconductors, vendor suppliers and relationships.
  • Implement schedule and execution plans to align with the project scope, goals and deliverables including defining tasks and required resources
  • Identify execution risks throughout the project and provide mitigation alternatives
  • Vendor relationships include display, chemical, equipment, electrical and hardware component companies.
  • Manage and execute the collaboration/communication with partners and vendors involved in the project
  • Establish project budgets, monitor progress and provide status reports throughout its lifecycle
  • Meet with stakeholders regularly to ensure timely and transparent communication around decisions and issues
  • Assist with managing the Company’s Objectives and Key Results (OKR) tracking, reporting, and management
  • Learn and provide training on VueReal’s project and OKR related software and system platforms
  • Assist with facility and lab management including ensuring appropriate IT and tool infrastructure, controls and safeguards are in place to help meet the Company’s objectives
  • Assist in building out supply chain and operational readiness including inventory management, forecasting, vendor qualification, shipping management, and import/export controls
  • Participate in planning for the transition from technology development to product development and customer support.
  • Help to establish our work environment, and safeguard our culture

YOUR VueReal opportunity at a glance

  • A fun, collaborative, and creative environment
  • Multidisciplinary teams with significant opportunities to learn from each other
  • Open concept office and culture cultivating inclusiveness, fairness, and transparency
  • A chance to grow with the team
  • A startup backed by major industry players
  • A clear roadmap for the successful adoption of our technology

YOU will be a great fit if

  • 5+ years of a proven track record of successful project management in technology/engineering
  • Theoretical and practical project management knowledge
  • You enjoy overcoming challenges and developing innovative solutions and ideas with perseverance, smart planning, and learning
  • You excel in a team environment; you can contribute to a highly multidisciplinary team, and you are not afraid of your ideas being challenged
  • You are genuinely looking forward to building something bigger than yourself
  • You can easily communicate technical and non-technical topics with the team in both written and oral format
  • If you identify a risk or opportunity, you are willing to dig in more and discuss it with the team

YOUR extra skills that are beneficial

  • Project management qualification (PMP) or equivalent
  • You have a relevant Bachelor’s degree (e.g. software engineering, computer science, etc. )

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