International Sales Director

The International Sales Director will be responsible for maintaining and growing business to business sales of our enterprise viewer and radiology viewer to our current, as well as new, strategic OEM’s/Resellers.  Note that the International Sales Director’s job will be to sell to International OEM’s, in which some of these OEM’s may be global multi-nationals, which means they will probably have a presence in North America, in which the International Sales Director will of course support and pursue. 

This role will also sell to End Users where the situation presents itself and does not conflict with the OEM/Reseller accounts. 

The individual in this role will increase OEM/Reseller sales volume through a variety of daily account activities, exceptional account support, and a clear understanding of the global medical imaging and health IT markets and its current and future direction.

This role requires a strong understanding of the medical diagnostic imaging market in Europe as a the prime target, but other international markets such as Asia and Latin America would be a major plus.


  • Will adhere and do everything possible to meet all revenue goals and targets – this is first and foremost the #1 requirement of the job.
  • Will have strong ability in designing custom value propositions for each OEM/Reseller based on (a) how their products combined and sold with our enterprise viewer, and (b) the market need and how we fit.
  • Require a strong background in coordinating daily with the OEM/Reseller’s sales teams to identify:
  • NEW sales pipeline opportunities, which your job will be to help them close so we can drive revenue and increasing the brand through market share.
  • Analyzing and identifying new sales opportunities that can be closed from the OEM/Reseller’s EXISTING install base.
  • Will work closely with the OEM/Reseller sales teams to ensure they are following and driving a sales process that identifies target customers, has a custom value prop for each opportunity, and has a clear vision for completing and closing the sale process.Very important to have to have an understanding of the OEM/Resellers quarterly sales quotas of our product and their product.
  • Ensure all communications and the plan between the OEM/Reseller and our internal team is clear and understood on both sides.Will need the experience to manage various types of OEM/Reseller situations when they go “outside the lines”.
  • Ensure all inside and outside OEM/Reseller sales reps are trained on how to position, sell, demo, and market our products so they are in a position to achieve our sales goals.
  • Manage pricing with the OEM to ensure our pricing is consistent with other OEM/Resellers we are selling to.Manage all other sales proposal activities and provide support to the OEM/Reseller sales teams where necessary to close business.
  • Will be required to sign on new OEM/Resellers, and therefore will need a strong background in terms of identifying new prospects, developing value propositions, pitch design and presentation, and very sharp negotiation skills.These traits carry over to both new business development (signing of new OEMs) as well as to support your OEM/Reseller sales reps when they are direct end user/ customer negations.
  • Ability to work with end users when the situation arises.In some cases we may not have an OEM/Reseller to insert, and in that case we would sell direct.Therefore, end user sales experience is a plus.
  • Ability to analyze domestic and international markets that obtain latest trends, customer needs, competitors’ position and depth of customer base in order to always be ready to have your strategy and approach ready.
  • Will be expected to collaborate with marketing department to design new assets your OEM/Reseller is asking for.
  • Consistently and accurately applies the sales management/ CRM database.
  • Forecasts revenue on a regular basis by reviewing marketing information, sales patterns, expected growth, established targets, and other data so as to provide cash flow and other financial planning information
  • Carries out sales activities at major accounts through personal contact, including negotiating price and other conditions of sale to enhance retention and maximization of major account revenue potential.
  • Prepares feasible, accurate quotations on time.


  •  Bachelor’s degree and 10 years of successful sales experience selling to International OEM/Resellers, specifically in Europe, South America, and Asia.
  • Proven track record that shows sales goal achievement; new business development close rate (% of signing of new OEM/Resellers in a year, etc); and percentage of close in terms of revenue per quarter.
  • Proven track record that shows you can present and sell to all levels of the organization, including executive level.
  • Proven track record that shows your ability to resolve complex problems in a timely and effective manner.
  • Ability to manage multiple OEM/Reseller’s at one time.
  • Very strong customer-focused orientation.
  • Ability to self-manage and take initiative.
  • Ability to create Power Point presentations, exceptional and professional writing and verbal communication skills.
  • Communication skills need to be exceptional and will want to understand specific examples.