Tier 2 - IT Support Specialist

Tier 2 - IT Support Specialist

The person who is an ideal fit for our team has the following attributes:

  • Knows how to transform the unwieldy to the manageable
  • Understands and embraces process and documentation
  • Is a self-starter and a spark for others
  • Works well independently as well as on a team
  • Has solid troubleshooting abilities
  • Knows when to ask questions and generate clarity
  • Able to gauge a customer’s technical level
  • Detailed, thorough, and accurate
  • Delivers legendary customer service with every customer interaction


You will enjoy working with us if you:

  • Enjoy working with clients to solve problems
  • Seek a friendly and active work environment
  • Want to put your talents to good use and develop some new ones
  • Like to work with cutting edge technologies


Technologies we currently use, and need supported include:

  • Microsoft: SQL Server, IIS, Git, Window Server (2016+), Windows (10+), Office (2016+)
  • Linux: CentOS, Ubuntu, MySQL
  • Virtualization: Proxmox, NFS, iSCSI, FC, FCoE
  • Hardware: Cisco Servers, Various Desktops & Laptops
    • Cisco blade servers, rack servers
    • various desktops & laptops (typically Dell)
    • various tablets
    • Microsoft surfaces
    • mobiles (Apple, Android-based, and BlackBerry)
  • Networking: Cisco ASR, Nexus, 3500
    • CCNA (Route & Switch) level of understanding
  • Telecom: Polycom (via voip.ms and Fibernetics), Apple iPhones, BlackBerrys and Androids
  • Process Management
    • ITIL
    • Ticketing tool software
    • JIRA & Confluence


Monitoring and Access:

We monitor our clients 24x7 via different technologies (mainly PRTG), SNMP

  • Servers (uptime, cpu, memory)
  • Services (email, websites, etc.)
  • Security (user/login, virus, etc.)


We respond as close to real time as possible between the hours of 9-5, and in reasonable time outside the hours of 9-5, 7-days a week. We require the individual to be located in the KW area as we have to respond directly to client emergencies on-premises 7-days a week.


Respond via site.


About NeuStyle:

  • Located in Waterloo, ON, we seek clients who know IT is the key to winning at business. While it sounds cliché, we get in the zone when people want us to use technology to solve their sticky problems.
  • To protect the enterprise portals we build for our clients, we have built our own ‘systems’: cloud services, systems-support services, cyber-security services, and IT policy and practices services. Also, we are an ISP.
  • NeuStyle is growing both its Software and Systems divisions.