Software Developer Evangelist

Who we are and what we do

Founded in 2011, Mappedin powers search and discovery indoors, enabling consumers to find what they’re looking for with speed and ease. Our software platform provides industry leading tools to manage dynamic indoor spatial data and offer wayfinding experiences for customer-facing applications, including a recent collaboration with Apple Maps.

Mappedin works with the ten largest malls in Canada, the largest REITs in the US, and in stores, hospitals, campuses, and airports around the world.

The Integrations team at Mappedin enables our customers to deliver the best possible experience to their end users by building robust SDKs and easy to use applications. We help them dream of what’s possible, and then help turn those dreams into reality.

Who you are and what you’ll do

You aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty working directly with partners and enjoy smaller and more frequent projects with a big impact. You’re comfortable with tight deadlines that require you to shift your thinking as you jump from one project to another. You like tinkering with new technology. We expect you to use creative ways to solve problems and to have the fastest turnaround times possible.

As part of the Development team and reporting to the Software Development Manager – Integrations, you will unlock the full potential of the Mappedin Platform by:

  • Integrating with 3rd party solutions
  • Creating demo applications for prospective clients
  • Convincingly explaining how and why our system does what it does

You are highly interested in learning about or already have experience in:

  • Front End or Full Stack Web development
  • Working with 3rd party developers and partners

What are some challenges?

As part of the Mappedin Development team, you will be responsible for helping 3rd party developers to integrate Mappedin solutions into their products. These projects are ad hoc and might involve some tight deadlines.

This role is all about making our Sales team as effective as they can be, helping them solve any and all problems to do with development. This will require flexibility as different situations come up for every new client or prospect.

Behind the scenes

We use a variety of technology and tools that currently include JavaScript, React, Three.js, Webpack, WebGL, Node.js, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, and Kibana.

There’s a lot of trust here at Mappedin. We work flexible hours, have a flexible vacation policy, and provide whatever hardware or office equipment you want to help you do your best work. We value execution and will do whatever it takes to get things done if it’s something we’ve promised. We stay curious and will always ask each other questions, rarely making assumptions. We recognize that we are all different and will challenge each other’s views and perceptions from time to time, resulting in constructive and healthy debates, but that never stops us from all eating lunch together every day. If you want to join our sports team, there’s a blank bright orange jersey here waiting for your name to be printed on it.

Lastly, if you’re allergic to cats, don’t worry! Our office cat, Hobbes stays on the other side of the office and won’t bother you unless you decide to work in the collab area there.