Network Technician - IT Services

Reis Information Systems is a full service Managed and Professional Services Provider with offices in Kitchener, Ontario and Lisbon, Portugal.  We provide a full stack of services to help our clients meet their business goals.  By offloading day to day network administration and optimizing it, our clients can focus on their business success.  We employ people who love IT and are fanatical at making things work better, focusing on security and streamlining operations.  Everyone here pitches in, and a culture of teaching and mentoring is what we are.  No prima donnas.

This position is for someone who loves packet plumbing and working with networks big and small.  We specialize in Cisco and Cisco Meraki equipment, but we also need to work with Sonicwall, Aruba Networks, and others. But your experience and training doesn't stop at networks.  We are looking for a multi-faceted individual who is also happy to work with operating systems and helping users out.



Primary duties include:

  • Managed small to large multi-layer networks using your knowledge and experience in the fundamentals of networking
  • Implementing and managing firewalls such as the Cisco ASA5500 series, Meraki MX, Sonicwall
  • Working with MDM
  • Using our automation tools you will ensure that all possible things are monitored, backed up and performance is continually being analyzed
  • You design plans for implementation and follow them through until completion
  • You must be able to communicate effectively with your teammates and our clients both written and orally.
  • Documentation, documentation, documentation.
  • Security, security, security.   We must implement security everywhere we can, and monitor it continuously
  • Always searching for ways to automate, manage and monitor systems so we can be extremely effective.
  • You constantly seek out new tasks, and new technologies to learn.
  • You teach the rest of the company on new things that align with the company goals

Secondary duties include:

  • Operating system support.  Windows Servers and workstations
  • Everyone pitches in for general help desk.

We are looking for outgoing, fun people who work hard but also know how to have a good time.

The primary focus of this position is for network infrastructure related work, however, we do require someone that will help out in all facets of IT.  The requirements for this position are:

  • CCNA required, CCNP is preferred
  • You have worked with Cisco, HP and other manufacturers of networking equipment
  • You must have manners, be kind and thoughtful
  • At least 3 years of network support experience
  • At least 3 years of server operating system experience
  • Must be able to drive and you must own a car
  • No criminal record
  • You must know how to configure complex wireless technologies and authentication methods
  • RADIUS, LDAP experience
  • VPN technologies
  • Must have a total understanding of:
  • Deep understanding of IP.  That means TCP/IP, ICMP and many other popular protocols that ride on that.
  • You know everything about DNS, I mean, everything
  • You can recite the OSI model and love working with 1, 2, 3 and 4.....with a dash of the others
  • You must know all the popular cabling media
  • Switching technologies and how to tune and configure them is a must.  Acronyms like BPDU and LACP make you feel happy.
  • When it comes to routing, you can subnet like the best of them, you know CIDR isn't a drink but something you crave doing.  Routing protocols like OSPF and EIGRP and others are just common sense to you
  • You are an expert with Firewalls as well including Cisco ASA5500 series, NAT'ing, IDS/IPS,

We are looking for a well-rounded individual who has a specialty in networking. 

So the good to haves are:

  • MSCE
  • LInux, Windows and MAC knowledge and experience
  • General Microsoft desktop software, Gsuite understanding
  • VMWare
  • SAN knowledge and experience
  • Server systems technologies.  Design and support
  • Cloud computing systems such as Azure and AWS