Senior Frontend Engineer

Fable Tech Labs is a Toronto-based startup that is changing how companies build accessible digital products. Fable helps companies engage people with disabilities in their development processes.


We started Fable in April of this year. We built our first prototype in a couple of hours,and it was pretty exciting. We then built a better one in a couple of weeks and put it in front of a handful of potential customers. The feedback we got fuelled us through May and June to build and launch our beta. Today, the product is working great, we’ve got customers using it on a regular basis to engage our community, and we’ve got an ambitious vision for where it can go next.

Role Description

We're looking for a Senior Frontend Developer to lead, build and manage the visual treatment and user interface interactions of the next version of Fable. This will involve refreshing our current style, building a consistent treatment across the platform, making the platform responsive across devices, and improving the functionality, efficiency, and performance of the platform. We need someone who is thorough with their work, pixel perfect with their deliverables, and has the ability to communicate implementations to various team-members.

As a Senior Frontend Engineer, you are expected to:

  1. Take ownership of the platform’s user interface and frontend development. You will create, edit, maintain and update the platform regularly.

  2. Develop a standard and create pattern libraries to build consistency across the platform, all of which must be usable with a range of assistive technologies.

  3. Constantly generate ideas to improve the experience, functionality and platform offerings.

  4. Collaborate with another senior developer who will lead the backend development on a constant and ongoing basis.

  5. Communicate with a variety of stakeholders, technical and non-technical, about the platform development on a regular basis.

  6. Work with our CEO and COO to ensure our technology is on pace to achieve our business milestones.


You're excited about this opportunity because you will...

  1. Get to contribute to the product development for a company changing the typical approach to digital accessibility.

  2. Work in a rapidly growing company where there are new challenges and opportunities on a daily basis.

  3. Engage people with disabilities in the development of the product to ensure it has the highest usability possible across various assistive technology.

  4. Hit the ground running!


We are excited about you because you have….

  1. 5+ years of experience developing enterprise platforms in high-growth organizations.

  2. A Master’s degree in Computer Science/Software Engineering or equivalent industry experience.

  3. Experience working with various Version Control Systems, familiarity with current trends and standards.

  4. A love for technology and an insatiable curiosity for new tools to solve real problems.

  5. A desire to contribute to a startup that turns a great profit and has a positive social impact.


You're excited about us because we offer…

  1. A great working environment with a driven team determined to make the digital world accessible

  2. Competitive compensation + equity in Fable Tech Labs

  3. Equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetics, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression