Senior UX Designer

About you:

You care deeply about creating products that people will love. You listen empathetically to users and have a track record of turning feedback and insights into ideas that form disruptive new products and features. You bring a strength in visual design coupled with expertise in interaction, motion design, research, and/or design strategy.  Maybe you’ve even crafted a design language system or two, and know how to help us evolve ours. Whether it’s championing a vision, sketching blue sky concepts, prototyping an idea, rallying the team around a design direction, or resolving a technical constraint, you are equally at ease.

What you'll do:

  • Within 15 days:
    • You understand the product vision, strategy, tenets, and roadmap
    • You have a solid understanding of the target consumer, leveraging primary and secondary research insights
    • You know our Design Language System like the back of your hand and are already thinking about how to help develop and evolve it further
    • You’re actively collaborating with the UX team and the larger Product Experience team in the context of reviews, design studios, and brainstorming activities
  • Within 30 days:
    • You have immersed yourself in the product and can identify key priorities and areas of focus from a design perspective to help make the product successful
    • You are beginning to drive UX initiatives for at least one of the core experiences and are leading activities from concept through to delivery
    • You are mentoring designers and seeking out leadership opportunities
    • You are identifying areas for which research and prototyping will enable faster and more nimble learning to help build a stronger point of view
    • You are working in an increasingly cross-functional capacity and help to drive design thinking through teams such as Marketing, Retail, and Engineering.
  • Within 90 days:
    • You intimately understand the pulse of the user and know their needs, goals, and motivations
    • You are influencing product roadmap decisions to help shape the product vision for the current and future products
    • You have made a measurable impact to the effectiveness of the UX team in the form of collaboration, mentoring, and advocating for user-centric design
    • You are actively working with Advanced R&D team to understand the possibilities of and outline the experience needs for next generation products

What you need:

  • A strong portfolio demonstrating a diversity of experience and strong system-level thinking. It should cover the breadth of your design process, from ideation through to final design, and clearly state your individual contribution
  • Bachelor or Masters degree in design, research, human-computer interaction, or a related field or equivalent practical experience
  • Industry experience covering a diverse range of products and platforms; consumer product experience is highly desired.  You bring first-hand knowledge of what it takes to ship a product to market
  • An ability to think in visual systems patterns and styles that will create a unity in product experience while supporting a strong, clean visual identity
  • Equal passion and aptitude for contributing at the strategic level as well as the at the hands-on, pixel level
  • Excellent communication skills. Must be able to communicate ideas at all stages of the design process to a variety of stakeholders, understanding how to balance a strong point of view with an empathy for other perspectives and constraints
  • Experience mentoring designers and leading design projects or initiatives
  • Strong understanding of user-centered design practices.  Curiosity and a desire to understand the end user is a must
  • Passion for emerging technologies and a hunger to innovate  
  • Strong, demonstrated proficiency in a variety of design tools such as Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flinto, Invision, etc.

Bonus points for:

  • Experience managing a UX team, including staffing, scheduling, and mentoring
  • A background in physical making and/or prototyping, and an enthusiasm for building stuff
  • Experience conducting user research and analyzing research data
  • Experience in motion graphics, including UX transitions and animations

Feel like you can’t tick all the boxes above? If you have some of the skills and experience that we’re looking for and are willing to use your talent to learn the rest, we encourage you to apply!

Why North:

Day-to-day, we challenge each other to constantly raise the bar, encourage unconventional thinking to achieve innovative breakthroughs, and are passionately committed to surpassing our goals. We advocate a healthy lifestyle and promote continuous learning in a flexible work environment. Most of all, we set visionary goals, and we’re passionate about building the best, most impactful products that people will love.

About us:

North, formerly Thalmic Labs, builds products that change the way we see and engage with our world. North’s latest product, Focals, are custom-built glasses with a display only the wearer can see. Focals let you see texts, get turn-by-turn directions, check the weather, request an Uber, ask Alexa, and more — seamlessly and immediately. Founded in 2012, North has grown to a world-leading team of engineers, researchers, designers, and creators committed to building a future where technology is there when you need it and gone when you don’t, hidden by design.