Patent Agent or Counsel

About You: 

You’re a patent professional with about 2-5 years of experience and you’d rather work on software patents than anything else. You have a thorough background in computer science and/or software engineering that enables you to see innovation in code. You can hold your own in sprint meetings on diverse development projects.

As the Patent Agent / Counsel responsible for software IP, you will become deeply integrated with our software teams and projects. Mobile, applications, embedded, platform, full stack, backend… you will dig in and identify inventions across all of these categories and more. You will protect those inventions by writing and prosecuting patent applications substantially independently with minimal time commitment from our technical teams. You will always have a patent draft on the go and you’ll be a key player in developing and implementing our patent strategy.

Feel like you can’t tick all the boxes? If you have some of the skills and experience that we’re looking for and are willing to use your talent to learn the rest, we encourage you to apply!

Within your first month, you will:

  • familiarize yourself with our technologies and product plans;
  • meet our software teams and learn all about their projects;
  • familiarize yourself with our existing patent portfolio and patent-related procedures;
  • draft at least one complete patent application based on assigned subject matter from within the IP team; and
  • identify several new candidate ideas for patenting from our software development projects.

Within your first 6 months, you will:

  • establish yourself as the direct IP liaison to all of our software teams by attending their meetings and closely following their progress;
  • regularly identify innovation in our software projects based on your extensive knowledge of the state of the art;
  • draft patent applications at a rate of ~2 per month, while relying on your own expertise to minimize the involvement of technical resources in the drafting process;
  • draft office action responses (~1 per month) as allocated within the IP team; and
  • assist with the coordination and review of patent applications drafted for us by external drafting resources.

From 6-months onwards, in addition to the above, you will:

  • operate daily as a critical IP perspective across all software matters; and
  • help develop and implement our overall patent strategy based on your insights into where we fits into the broader software patent landscape.

What You'll Need:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or a similar subject matter
  • Significant coding experience
  • About 2-5 years’ experience in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in Canada / US
  • Exceptional English language skills
  • Proven capacity to quickly understand complicated technologies

Bonus points for:

  • Registered patent agent in Canada / US
  • Experience architecting software systems

Why North:

Day-to-day, we challenge each other to constantly raise the bar, encourage unconventional thinking to achieve innovative breakthroughs, and are passionately committed to surpassing our goals. We advocate a healthy lifestyle and promote continuous learning in a flexible work environment. Most of all, we set visionary goals, and we’re passionate about building the best, most impactful products that people will love.

About us:

North, formerly Thalmic Labs, builds products that change the way we see and engage with our world. North’s latest product, Focals, are custom-built glasses with a display only the wearer can see. Focals let you see texts, get turn-by-turn directions, check the weather, request an Uber, ask Alexa, and more — seamlessly and immediately. Founded in 2012, North has grown to a world-leading team of engineers, researchers, designers, and creators committed to building a future where technology is there when you need it and gone when you don’t, hidden by design.