Human Factors Specialist

Main Objectives:

  • Within 15 days, understand all characteristics of the product.
    • Understand what the product does, use cases, target audience, what’s important to them, and product vision
    • Attend meetings, get familiar with team members
    • Collect and document needs and opportunities where Human Factors can be applied to improve our decision-making process
      • Identify ergonomics, usability, perception, human variability and workload problems and knowledge gaps
      • Through this, get to know the following teams: TARG, Product, UX, Prototyping.
    • Order studies on that list in terms of priorities and start drafting a timeline for the most pressing ones
  • Within 30 days, conduct a first study
    • Work with the relevant team to gather clear requirements for the study, deliverable expectations, and timeline
    • Design a study to test the desired behaviour
    • Identify necessary equipment to run the study, locate it and/or get familiar with our process to buy equipment
    • Get familiar with our process to recruit participants
    • Run the study
    • Analyse results and hand them back to the team
      • Document the process adequately so that results can be found again and referred to later in the future
    • Reflect on what could be improved for the next studies
  • Within 90 days, continue performing user studies of varying scope
    • Continue the above process, taking ownership of studies from conception to delivery of results
    • Adapt studies length and scope based on team needs, levels of certainty they are looking for, priority, available resources, and severity of the problem
    • Seek help when the studies need to build a test rig, hardware or software, and work with available resources to develop what is necessary
    • Involve stakeholders in the studies and evangelise the need for such studies
      • Train stakeholders to conduct similar studies when an opportunity to delegate some of the research is identified
      • Provide guidance on best course forward when a study isn’t needed
    • Present results of large studies to Leadership
    • Identify new ways to help out / insert Human Factors into our processes
      • Document new procedures when gaps are identified
      • Participate in community activities with other researchers and disseminate know-how to advocate best practices
    • Help identify and interview future candidates to grow the team

What You'll Need:

  • Extensive experience evaluating various aspects of human adaptation to new interfaces or aspects of technology
  • Experience working with a variety of hardware prototypes and novel technology
  • Experience conducting research for stakeholders in industrial settings
  • Be excited to work in a fast-paced environment by designing, conducting and delivering studies results in a matter of weeks
  • Enjoy working with a broad variety of teams, understanding their scope, concerns and problems at hand, and adapt methods based on these
  • Be a doer, self-starter, and autonomous researcher with a passion for supporting decisions grounded in data

Bonus points for:

  • Experience working in a startup environment
  • Proven record of having worked with different teams spanning R&D, UX, and industrial design
  • Demonstrated passion for learning and picking up new concepts quickly

Feel like you can’t tick all the boxes above? If you have some of the skills and experience that we’re looking for and are willing to use your talent to learn the rest, we encourage you to apply!

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