Data Architect

Company: Syngli Inc. is a startup at the intersection of machine learning, neuroscience and education. We aim to solve the need learners have for more effective learning, and the need teachers have for more efficient student assessment. Our core product is an intelligent tutoring system, including algorithms based on principles of learning from neuroscience, a knowledge database structured in the form of conceptual knowledge about the world, and an online user community collaboratively generating and refining the stored content.


Contract: We are starting a project would test and ensure the scalability of the Syngli platform, for entry into the K-12 market. The accuracy of an intelligent tutoring system is dependent on the amount of data available, ideally from the individual learner in question, but otherwise bootstrapped from a reference population. Because the learners in this case are children (for whom there may be limited if any prior performance data available), and indeed because the addressable market is so large, the company aims to acquire a considerable amount of performance data from the target population. It will thus need to test and potentially improve the scalability of it database, which stores knowledge about both the world and its users’ understanding of the world.


Contractor: We seek to hire a contractor to help ensure our intelligent tutoring system will scale with massive increases in the size of its learner population, the size of the database of knowledge which those users are learning, and the size of the database of responses learners make when questioned on that knowledge. Improvements may involve: 1) the data storage technology (e.g. transactional SQL logic, graph-based NoSQL alternatives); 2) the data processing technology (e.g. distributed and real-time computing platforms, in-memory processing architectures); 3) the distribution of data storage between cloud-based and dedicated infrastructure; and 4) the distribution of data processing between server and client. Work will involve technical research, simulations, and implementation of chosen solutions.


Prerequisites: Complex Data Model Design, RDBMS, NoSQL, cloud computing, C, Python, Linux, Git. Performance optimization for big data, data visualization, database caching, and experience with IBM Watson, Redis, Hadoop, Spark, JavaScript, and PHP would also be an asset. To be eligible, you must also be legally able to work within Canada at the time of application.


Other: The work will be performed in dedicated space in Kitchener-Waterloo, conveniently located near to public transportation and affordable dining options. You would be responsible for your own transportation and housing. On site, there is a communal kitchen, and free snacks and coffee. We are keen to identify candidates who could join our company longer-term, beyond this initial contract (which may run through February 2019). By joining now you have a great opportunity to challenge yourself to learn more, to contribute to the company culture, and to greatly impact the function and feel of the Syngli platform.