Deep Learning Research Scientist

At DeepScale we are developing artificial intelligence perception software for driver-assistance and autonomous driving, with a focus on implementing efficient deep neural networks on automotive-grade processors. DeepScale's deep neural nets (DNNs) use data from various sensors to help vehicles of all automated driving levels better understand the world around them. We have strategic partnerships with OEM, Tier 1 and semiconductor companies that aim to bring improved safety to mass-produced vehicles through open collaboration. To learn more about DeepScale’s design and advantages click here!

We are currently looking for an experienced Deep Learning Research Scientist to establish and launch our Canadian office. This team of individuals will flourish in a collaborative environment where they will be given the freedom to deliver breakthrough research and ultimately seeing it monetized in our business model. As a distributed team, we are focused and passionate but with an emphasis on cooperation, not competition, and a strong belief in the value of work-life balance.

What You’ll Do - Function

  • Work to advance state-of-the-art on key problems using machine learning and deep learning.

  • Mix of publishable and top-secret projects available.

  • Specific focus on predictive perception with in a hardware agnostic environment.

  • Access to large quantities of high quality training data.

  • Freedom to solve problems your own way.

  • Time will be divided evenly between conducting research and developing engineering related solutions.

  • You will have the opportunity to publish papers as well as attend conferences.

  • Working on object detection systems.

What You Bring - Experience

  • Ph.D in product or technology research related to deep learning, machine learning or computer vision required.

  • Graduate degree in Computer Science or a similar field.

  • 2+ years post-doctoral research experience in industry.

  • Experience in developing and applying deep neural network (DNN) models.

  • Experience in designing new DNN architectures to solve specific problems.

  • Must have publically available published research paper(s).

  • Must have developed and deployed product from research.

What You Have - Skill

  • Experience in motion planning or control systems.

  • Experience in 3D reconstruction.

  • Experience in writing efficient software (e.g. using SSE/AVX instructions, CUDA/OpenCL, or other hardware-level primitives).

  • Technology stack includes:

    • Python

    • TensorFlow

    • Scikit-learn

    • Theano

    • Keras

DeepScale is partnering with Terminal to grow and scale in the Canadian market.

At Terminal, we identify emerging tech hubs around the globe, and connect the top engineers with the most compelling companies. We provide complete operations and services to give companies all the benefits of a new office without any of the hassle.

We are focused on building a diverse and inclusive workforce. Terminal is an Equal Opportunity Employer and considers applicants for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, orientation, national origin, age, disability, genetics or any other basis forbidden under federal, provincial, or local law.

We thank all applicants for their interest.

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