Software Developer - Kernel and Hardware Specialist

Arctic Wolf Networks is looking for a talented software engineer to help bring the AWN Sensors to the next level. With innumerable sensors currently deployed around the world along with the rapid adoption of our service, maintaining the hardware, BIOS, kernel and driver versions is a big challenge. We need your help in tuning the kernel and networking stack to get the best performance possible from the sensors. Your experience in debugging hardware, BIOS, Linux kernel, and device drivers will be invaluable in helping us grow.


The AWN Sensor is deployed in customer networks, and we have the unique challenge of having to support and maintain sensors in networks and locations we don't control. Security is our game, and keeping the sensors secure is the number one priority. We strongly believe in Infrastructure as Code, even on the sensor where software upgrades are fully automated. 


  • You have at least five years of experience in a related field
  • Self-starter who enjoys big technical challenges
  • Excited by the opportunity to learn new things
  • Experience with software development on Linux in the user, driver and kernel space, including Secure Boot and Trusted Platform Module
  • Experience with Linux networking, Linux bridge/interfaces and Open vSwitch
  • Experience with virtualization technologies such as VMWare ESX, VirtualBox and Docker is a plus
  • Believe in automated testing as a fundamental development practice
  • Experience with C, Python and Bash
  • Experience with Git or equivalent 
  • Familiarity with configuration management tools like Ansible or Chef
  • Bachelor degree or diploma in Computer Science or equivalent experience


  • Maintain the Linux kernel for AWN Sensors including building and rolling out kernel and OS updates
  • Continue to ensure that the AWN Sensor is as secure as possible, working with the Security Architects and Product Managers
  • Tune the kernel, OS and networking stack for optimal performance
  • Work with the team to develop the next hardware revisions of the AWN Sensor
  • Develop and maintain the AWN Sensor provisioning process
  • Participate in the full software development life cycle with the rest of R&D


  • Believe in being lean – we constantly Build, Measure, and Learn in all aspect of our business
  • Customer centric; we will be successful when we delight our customers
  • Provide compelling compensation packages - benefits, competitive pay, and excellent equity

If you are ready for a challenge, come work at Arctic Wolf Networks, make a difference, and be part of our success! Send your resume to