Senior Software Developer

About AdHawk

AdHawk Microsystems is changing the way that humans interact with computers by introducing microsystems that can detect eye movements and micro-gestures with unprecedented resolution, speed, and power efficiency. Our eye tracking sensors will transform the way people use Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) technology through foveated rendering, intuitive and seamless UI design, and enhanced immersion. In addition, our micro-gesture inputs to wearable devices will enable effortless interaction through applications like mid-air swipe keyboards for smart watches.  

We are a fully funded startup with an experienced management team that believes in the ability of candidates to make a significant contribution to the future of human computer interaction (HCI). We believe in a flexible work environment with an emphasis on results and outcomes--not hours.  Our team consists of researchers and engineers of the highest caliber with a deep sense of curiosity and a passion for the technology we develop. We publish award-winning research papers, fabricate custom silicon chips at leading foundries and push the boundaries of physics and manufacturing to develop products that create compelling value for our customers.

The successful candidate will gain hands-on experience with a number of new HCI peripherals built around a groundbreaking MEMS electro-optical sensor platform. You will be one of the first people to have an opportunity to redefine the way VR/AR technology is used. You will also have a chance to develop new paradigms in gestural input technology on tomorrow’s wearable devices. Our range of customers and collaborators includes renowned international corporations and research institutes from around the world.

Perks of working at AdHawk include: free lunches and snacks, table tennis with weekly coaching sessions, VR gaming, attendance of high impact conferences and tradeshows, traveling around the world to visit customers/vendors, and last but not least working in a former sushi restaurant location! We look forward to working with creative, enthusiastic individuals in an exciting startup environment!

Job Responsibilities

  • Contribute to maintenance and improvement of the current eye-tracking software
  • Contribute to design and development of embedded drivers and algorithms for next generation of devices
  • Develop desktop and mobile applications that leverage eye tracking and other micro-gestural inputs
  • Contribute to development of test software for current and next generation of devices
  • Contribute innovative and original ideas to the technology, algorithms and products
  • Collaborate with highly cross-functional team in an agile environment

Job Requirements

  • Strong understanding of software architecture principles and best practices
  • Experience in full product development cycle (requirements gathering, planning, design, implementation, maintenance and support)
  • Expertise in embedded development
  • Expertise in object oriented programming in C++ and Python
  • Passion for developing high quality software in a fast-paced collaborative environment
  • Ability to work independently or as part of a larger team
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills


  • Expertise in mobile or AR/VR development
  • Expertise in Windows development, especially Windows driver development
  • Expertise in web technologies (REST, HTML, CSS, Node.js, Angular)
  • Expertise in database technologies