Senior Software Developer

Software Developers...who enjoy creating quality coding

NeuStyle people create custom software to capture and enhance intellectual property for our clients.

We build big things – enterprise portals

We build small things – solutions to small but sticky problems

To do a good job of this work, NeuStyle needs talented software developers who appreciate the value quality coding brings to software projects.


Our people value these strengths

Technical Competence – architecture and/or coding skills using Microsoft .NET framework, JavaScript, other software including your technical recommendations

Achievement Orientation – quality work and timely delivery

Pleasing Personality – NeuStyle values friendly working relationships and positivity

If you have these strengths, we look forward to meeting you.


Our Culture

              We appreciate individual’s needs, strengths & differences*

              We embrace fresh thinking and better ways

              We enjoy working together and building cool things

* We offer flexibility and choices to provide work experiences that meet individuals’ needs.


The Type of Work We Do

              senior level architecture & coding  –  high quality  –  10+ years of developed coding skills required


Additional requirement: the ability to work out of our Waterloo office.

Please respond via site.


Testing: We will test your skills. If you know you have technical competence, then this will not be a problem for you. As you succeed at your work, we will reward you.

Formal Education: We have found formal education is not an essential ingredient for software-development success. Our people have proven quality coding is learned over time when people enjoy coding so much they can’t stop themselves from doing it until they solve the problem.