Junior Mechanical Engineer

You Are:

Tech enthusiast and mechanical engineer with experience related to high precision equipment design and operation. Also, you have a good understanding of the mechanical and thermal properties of different materials and alloys.

Note: As a fast-growing company, there is a significant growth opportunity inside the company. We are highly motivated to offer our team members any required training which will assist them with their current contributions and will prepare them for other amazing opportunities in the future

We Are:

A team who truly believes in the power of motivation and determination in changing the world for the better.  It happens that in pursuit of that we are set to revolutionize the electronics industry. To do so, we have created an environment that is fun to work at, collaborative, and one that fosters creativity and innovation.  We continually challenge each other to explore new possibilities and encourage profound thinking.

VueReal is a multidisciplinary company focusing on the development of new technology platforms based on the interplay of micro/nano-device processing, integration technologies, and advanced system design (hardware and software) to develop new electronic systems. Applications include flexible Micro-LED displays and touch panels for mobile, wearable, IT, TV, automotive, and lighting markets.

 VueReal's technology enables low-cost, high-volume, and high-yield integration of microdevices into large-area back-planes. A display panel with such technology offers unsurpassed image quality by offering wide gamut and sharp colours, true HDR, low-power, and long lifetime which makes it a very strong competitor to the existing LCD and AMOLED display technologies.

 You Are Expected to:

  • Work on operation and design of required tools for microdevice integration process
  • Develop different mechanical and thermal model for the tools used in microdevice integration process
  • Work with the team on characterizing different mechanical properties of microdevices before and after transfer

Our Requirements:

  • You are able to work with different tools 
  • You can manipulate and operate a high precision equipment 
  • You can lift moderate weights (e.g. 50 Kg)

Your Qualifications:

  • 4 plus years of experience.
  • Experience in a high precision automation system.
  • Great understanding of mechanical and thermal properties of different materials
  • A bachelors degree or equivalent education in a related discipline (mechanical, mechatronics, etc.)
  • Excellent experience in the modelling and design of mechanical systems including hands-on experience with relevant tools (e.g. Ansys, Matlab, etc.

About us:

VueReal is enabling the next paradigm shift in the electronic system by providing a bridge between nano/micro devices and large-area electronics platforms (e.g. displays, sensors, system on panel, and more...).  We have started by making the true-life experience of Micro-LED displays affordable for all applications (TV, laptop, smartphone, virtual reality, and augmented reality). Micro-LED integration into display substrate can offer up to ten times power saving, significant performance enhancement (higher brightness, colour purity, and high contrast ratio), versatile functionality and different form factors (flexible system), and more reliability compared to OLED and other display technologies.  These displays are now achievable and affordable by VueReal’s highly efficient micro-LEDs and its integration technology for transferring millions of micro-LEDs into the displays at high throughput, high yield, and low cost. Recently, we released the news for our development of a 4K micro-LED display array at over 6000 ppi achieving the highest PPI emissive display in the industry.

From device fabrication to integrated-circuits, hardware, software and system design, the VueReal team carries an extensive experience of what it takes to makeover the display industry.

VueReal is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration for employment without discrimination in regard to any condition or characteristic protected by applicable laws and regulations. If you need assistance and/or a reasonable accommodation due to a disability during the application or the recruiting process, please send a request to career@vuereal.com.