Software Developer


We are looking for an experienced Software Developer to join an internationally renowned, multidisciplinary team to make a groundbreaking impact to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Through the years, the team at Rapid Novor has developed an innovative protein sequencing technology that can be deployed in many applications, including drug discovery and cancer diagnosis. The current team consists of a group of esteemed members in all areas of proteomics, bioinformatics, software systems and the pharmaceutical industry.

The successful candidate will have plenty of learning opportunities to interact with members from different disciplines; and the opportunity to make a major contribution to a novel technological platform that speeds up pharmaceutical research, helps with cancer diagnosis, reduces patients’ pain, and saves human lives.  


  • Software development for various internal and external systems
  • Design and implement algorithms to solve problems in life science
  • Work both independently and collaboratively with other R&D members in a multi-disciplinary team setting


  • A University degree in Computer Science or related fields.
  • Evidence of strong algorithm skill through past work experience or high GPA in related courses.
  • Experience in contributing code to large software systems.
  • Extensive coding experience with multiple programming languages (preferably Java).
  • Enthusiasm for bioinformatics.

Self Qualification Questions

Answers to all self qualification questions MUST be submitted together with your resume.

  1. List the programming languages you have written at least 1,000 lines of codes with each of them: ______________
  2. How many software projects have you contributed more than 1,000 lines of codes to each of them: ______________
  3. For two strings of size m and m, what are the time complexities of the best algorithms you know for computing
    a) The longest common subsequence: ______________
    b) The longest common substring: ______________
  4. The time complexity to add an element to a heap of size n _____________

Do you possess these qualities? If so we want to hear from you!