Junior Applications Engineering Specialist


Are you into electric cars? IOT? Connected tech? Dream about sitting in a Model S/X/3 or a Jaguar I-Pace for your day job? This is the spot…

Who is FleetCarma?

FleetCarma is a growing technology company that helps the transportation sector "go green" by providing a unique connected car platform focused on electric vehicle monitoring. The automotive industry is at an exciting crossroads where traditional fuel-based powertrains are transitioning to plug-in electric and the internet of things is creeping into all aspects of daily life. FleetCarma has a front row seat to all of these exciting changes and is playing a large role in driving the adoption of plug-in vehicles across the globe.

Who are we looking for?

FleetCarma is looking for a Junior Vehicle Applications Engineer to join our team. This team is responsible for ensuring our hardware works on any vehicle our customers would like to use it in. This often means working directly with customers to electronically interface with their vehicles, reverse engineer their vehicle’s ECU communication stream, work with our embedded teams to implement your requirements, and validate that the system functions properly in the field.

The ideal candidate should be highly technical with an interest in hacking computers, reverse engineering and exploring digital systems, as well as a capable software developer. Automotive background is not strictly required, but a strong computer networking and some electronics hardware experience background will be an asset.

This role is cross-disciplinary, requiring the ability to educate our customers and employees on the technical capabilities of our product, what the product will be capable of doing on various vehicles, validating the product functionality in the field, and communicating directly with our customers where needed.

As an applications engineer, your primary responsibilities will be reverse engineering car, bus, and truck in-vehicle serial networks to provide data definitions for implementation by FleetCarma’s hardware team. This will include some travel through US, Canada, and Europe (and probably other places too) to access these vehicles. You will also be responsible for final validation on each of the vehicles that you work with and sign off release to the customer.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Determine, and document a vehicle’s electrical architecture and design
  • Connect and capture data from the vehicle’s internal serial networks
  • Document the requirements of the vehicles and release specification to the hardware engineers
  • Create and/or modify any custom software tooling required to support the reverse engineering process
  • Create testing specifications for our functional validation test stand
  • Coordinate the release of the supported vehicle list

Must have:

  • Experience writing and debugging software scripting languages
  • Knowledge of serial networking concepts
  • Strong hacker attitude
  • Interest in green transportation space
  • Willingness to travel
  • Valid G drivers license
  • Interest and aptitude for customer-facing work
  • Demonstrated diligence and tenacity

Nice to have:

  • Strong programming fundamentals
  • Experience with automotive networking technology (CANbus, Canalyzer, DBC files)
  • C/C++ experience in embedded applications
  • GIT/Jira experience
  • Scripting languages (python, matlab etc.)
  • Basic SQL Server Management Studio for data queries

What makes FleetCarma awesome?

  • Table Tennis at the office! Bring your own bat! Games nights too.
  • Great accommodation (height adjustable desks and open office/open door concept)
  • So many healthy snacks on us!
  • Flexible work hours
  • Hot lunch or fresh sandwiches served every Friday
  • Medical benefits plan
  • Oh yea, the people here are pretty spectacular too!