Interaction Designer


We are looking for a talented, insightful Interaction Designer to help us design products that create ideal user experiences. The ideal candidate should have a strong interest and background in User Research & Design, and application of that research in design format. The candidate should also be passionate about learning new design tools & methods.

The Interaction Designer will be responsible for continuously improving the usability of PerkinElmer applications with the objective of leading the industry in design quality and end user satisfaction. This will be achieved through daily support and contribution to the application development teams.


The candidate should have 3-5+ years’ experience working as an Interaction or UX Designer within a development-oriented team. The candidate would possess:

  • Proven experience conducting user research and applying that research to design templates
  • Strong portfolio showcasing design skills
  • Experience in creating wireframes & prototypes
  • Working on an iterative design team
  • Creative and out of the box thinking to solve problems
  • Strong written and oral communication skills that help in translating complex user research & design choices to different teams within an organization
  • Up to date knowledge of latest Design & UX trends and technologies
  • BS/MS in Interaction Design, HCI, Graphic Design or related field


  • Collaborate with the Innovation Outpost team to define and implement innovative solutions
  • Create wireframes & prototypes to effectively communicate user journeys
  • Assist in user research activities (contextual analysis, interviewing)
  • Create a library of design interactions
  • Bring team together for engaging design activities and co-creating sessions
  • Help establish, define, and promote design best practices and standards
  • Help create interfaces & products that respond to customer needs and provide a competitive edge