Software Developer

Who Teal Is

Teal Technologies Inc. is based in Kitchener, Ontario. Our Mission is to help 21st century organizations become more agile, human, and aligned, in a world where most tools still function from 20th century management paradigms. Teal is an operating system for CEOs and leaders that provides a single interface where company structure, goals, and information come together in simple clear views. Teal enables teams of any size to collaboratively build structures and goals that will allow them to achieve their vision. Teal integrates with the major operational tools that high-growth companies are already using to propel their business forward. Teal is a funded, early-stage SaaS business.


Who You Are

As a Software Developer at Teal, you are responsible for front and back-end implementation, and product quality. You are interested in the customer experience and about building a roadmap that enables customer successes. You design software from the customer's perspective, with a keen eye for the long-term sustainability of your code base. You are excited about integrating the customer journey from the initial trial sign-up, through to the point where hundreds of users from a given company are using your system. You work well independently within a dynamic, changing environment, but are excited at the idea of growing a team. You are creative and will always seek out the resources you require to be successful. You are adept at communicating with your peers, are energetic & passionate, and demand the same from your team members.

Your Key Responsibilities

  • Work closely with lead developer, product management & sales to design features and releases

  • Work individually or as part of a small team to implement features and releases

  • Manage build environments and release processes

  • Manage risks associated with software delivery and ensure on-time delivery

  • Ensure quality software is released to customers

  • Assist with the recruiting of additional technical team members

  • Demonstrated excellent problem-solving skills

  • Ability to think critically and creatively and contribute ideas and suggestions

  • Ability to propose and quickly learn new technologies

  • Create and document new processes and tools wherever applicable


Your Key Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s in a technical discipline with a focus on software

  • 3-5 years of software development experience

  • Knowledge of Neo4j, Node.js and React

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills


Bonus If You Have

  • Prior entrepreneurial experience

  • Software development leadership experience

  • Product localization experience

  • Have read this far and bring something fascinating about yourself to share at the interview