Junior Software Developer

Job Description:

We are looking for an enthusiastic software developer that will join our team. You will be responsible for the development of firmware, cross-platform software and provide support, maintenance and bug fixes to existing applications. The ideal candidate will have experience with software development and knowledge of related test, build and QA processes. Knowledge and experience with cross-platform development targeting Windows and Mac OS platforms will be preferred. He/she will have experience with GUI design and writing interfaces and drivers for external Bluetooth based hardware. This position will also require the candidate to have knowledge about embedded system development specifically in the area of interface drivers and UI development. This position requires advanced troubleshooting skills including the ability to quickly and accurately identify and implement bug fixes. He/she will be involved in frequent internal and external collaboration in all stages of design to ensure our customers' needs are met.

Responsibilities and duties will include:

· Ensure full compatibility and seamless integration with our applications

· Participates in brainstorming sessions to conceptualize new products and solutions.

· Full stack cross platform software development UI Development targeting embedded systems. Works with cross platform build environments.

· Experience with Laravel, Vue.JS, and Ionic Framework will be an asset

· Development of communication interfaces between Smartphones and Devices including development of driver modules and API’s for embedded systems.

· Generates and maintains project documentation: ICD’s, Architecture Specification, Storyboarding (GUI), API. Develop the firmware for our applications

· Specifying hardware interfaces and determining processing requirements for embedded systems

· Implements and applies QA methods. Use of electrical test equipment may be required.

· Generation of reusable code modules for application and external communication functions.

Required Qualifications: Work Experience, Skills and Abilities:

· Degree in Computer Science or Electrical and Computer Engineering from an accredited University or equivalent work experience.

· A minimum of 2 years Cross-Platform Software Development work or 3 years in a mixed firmware and software development role.

· Technical knowledge of mobile app development, and cloud-connected systems

· Experience in the analysis, design, integration, programming, and testing of computer applications using a structured methodology.

· Familiar with Bluetooth communication interface and driver development targeting Windows, Mac OS and embedded devices

· Working knowledge with of Microsoft Office applications

PFERA is looking for individuals who are passionate about making a difference and being part of a team that is rapidly growing and shaping the future.


How to Apply:

Please submit your resume by email no later than August 15th , 2018 to:


info@pfera.ca; Attention: Lisa Pfister                                                                    www.pfera.ca