Technical Writer - Business Operations

About Alchemy

At Alchemy, our mission is to build a nanotechnology company for the 21st century. As a team, we’re pretty obsessive about this mission and relentless about accomplishing it.

Today, Alchemy’s nanocoatings technologies are disrupting the automotive windshield replacement industry and enabling multi-climate reliability of advanced sensor systems.

Our aftermarket product, ExoShield, is a transparent film that is applied on a vehicle’s windshield (just like window tint) to prevent stone chips. ExoShield is a must have for today’s ADAS-equipped vehicle owners who want to protect themselves against expensive windshield replacements. In addition, Alchemy’s nanocoatings technologies can also be leveraged to improve the the multi-climate reliability of various sensor systems, such as those in self-driving vehicles.

Alchemy is a Y-Combinator funded startup, and is backed by Canada’s leading angel investors and venture capitalists. We are also supported by Canada’s leading institutions such as the Stanford-StartX, University of Waterloo, Waterloo Institute of Nanotechnology, Velocity, and the Creative Destruction Lab.

Role Profile

Alchemy’s nanotechnologies are poised to significantly benefit the automotive glazing and autonomous vehicle industries, and you will be playing an integral role on our team in making this impact.

The cutting edge nanotechnologies being pioneered at Alchemy require deep industry and academic collaborations, extensive research and development funding, and strategic marketing execution. You will be trusted with providing the tactical support to these critical initiatives. Your high-level responsibilities will be:

  1. Preparing applications and required documentation for key government grants, competitions, and awards
  2. Managing and aiding the evaluation processes of the above to ensure progress and positive outcomes
  3. Preparing technical documentation, presentations, and manuals as required to support key initiatives
  4. Performing market research to build a flawless foundation of information and data for powering key decisions
  5. Providing copywriting support to our marketing and sales teams to aid collateral creation activities
  6. Independently tracking and discovering new grant, competition, and award opportunities
  7. Meeting objectives while being a team player and challenging yourself to grow and make an impact

In this role, you will directly report to the CEO.

Ideal Candidate Profile

Alchemy is a startup – this will mean longer hours at times and the stresses of quickly changing priorities, but it also means you will have the opportunity to decide how much impact you have. You will have the ability to make and participate in large decisions and the chance to voice new ideas and actually be heard.

There is no hand holding, but there is an unspoken understanding that we are all expected to teach and support each other. We will often just tell you the problem or project we’d like tackled and trust that you can find the best way to solve it.

We're looking for a fantastic communicator; someone who can balance competing priorities while delivering at a consistently high level. Bonus points if you’ve done a technical writing role before, but if not, we’re cool with a newbie! The following experiences and skills will help you kick ass in this role:

  • Degree or diploma in communications, engineering, business, or administration
  • 2+ years of work experience, preferably in copywriting or technical writing roles
  • Strong ability to rapidly absorb highly technical and specialized information (verbal and written)
  • Fundamental understanding of design principles and philosophies for documentation & presentation design
  • An obsession for detail and a high degree of accuracy in everything you do
  • Fantastic interpersonal skills with great spoken and written English
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to multitask in a high pressure dynamic environment
  • Highly experienced with Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Keynote, and G-Suite tools

Don’t have something on the list above checked off? That’s okay... in fact, we love to teach people about all of this! If you are a voracious learner and a damn hard worker, we’ll help you pick things up in no time!