Fall 2018 Co-op, Software Engineer

About Us

We're passionate about improving the way healthcare is delivered, starting by revolutionizing the way patients receive treatments. Our product, Helios, is the first device to offer patients at home treatments for acute and chronic injuries that are clinically equivalent to the those used in medical clinics. We're founded by a team of UW alumni, and have contracts with some of the most famous sports teams in the world. We're growing quickly and looking for team members who can get the job done.

About the Job

You will be leading the development of a new product which will be rolled out to some of the largest American sports teams. Salary and benefits are negotiable - flexible work hours, a fantastic office, a supportive team, and countless exciting opportunities are promised. You will be spending several months this summer in San Francisco, California with us.

About You

You're humble - you always want to learn more, and are willing to listen and weigh everyone's ideas equally, regardless of their position.

You're ambitous - you want to build the world's best product, and won't settle for second best.

You're smart - you pick up new skills quickly, understand the bigger picture, and have successfully thrived in challenging situations in the past.

Required Experience

We are looking for a software developer to continue development on our React Native app (currently live on Android and iOS), implement a HIPAA compliant backend system using existing infrastructure (likely AWS or Azure) and integrate with our web based front end (currently in alpha).

  • Experience with cloud based backends, AWS
  • Database Architecture
  • React Native, or show strong competence at JavaScript and/or React, and willingness to learn
  • Basic web development
  • An understaning of HIPAA compliance and data security
  • An interest in data science
  • Agile development and release management
  • Current (non expired) passport