Senior Software Engineer


Xesto ( is an early stage up-and-coming startup looking for a senior software engineer who can join with experience in building and deploying our gesture and hand tracking platform. You’ll be focusing on: information retrieval, distributed computing, system design, networking and data storage, security and machine learning; the list goes on and is growing every day. Offering 3-5% equity for the position.

Are you up for a challenge? Do you want to be a part of something huge?



We are Xesto, an up-and-coming early stage high-tech start-up based in Toronto. While we service many industries, but our tool focuses on gesture recognition, hand tracking & machine learning – we make touchless interfaces easy, quick and accurate to create. We aim to provide developers a device agnostic platform to create, record and store their custom gestures across platforms with depth sensors (think iPhone X, HTC Vive Pro, etc..). In the longer term, we are building some particularly awesome machine learning tools that will change companies approach to ML.

We are looking for senior software engineers in the Computer Science space (or a similar technical field), with a strong background in software engineering and software architecture to play an integral role in the development of Xesto.


Why Xesto?

Are you a sci-fi fan? We are making sci-fi real. We are solving the problems with creating things that involve gesture recognition: we remove the time, cost and precision barriers that prevent innovating in this industry. Additionally, we’re addressing some big machine learning problems that we want to tackle with you.

We are in the early stages of development and want you to join the team, joining in the product creation stage. We are developing a tool that is cross-platform: meaning it is a gesture interface that translates your wave to be recognized on both the Leap Motion and the iPhone X. You will hold an integral role in the development, testing and deployment of Xesto.

Everyone at Xesto is actively involved in deciding what to build next, and brings their perspective to feature prioritization.


Some of your responsibilities:

•          Design and modify software systems, using scientific analysis and mathematical models to predict and measure outcome and consequences of design.

•          Design and build backend systems

•          Architect and deploy segmentation algorithms

•          Lead/contribute to engineering efforts from design to implementation, solving complex technical challenges around developer and engineering productivity and velocity

•          Design and build advanced automated build, test and release infrastructure

•          Drive adoption of best practices in code health, testing, and maintainability

•          Analyze and decompose complex software systems and collaborate with cross-functional teams to influence design for testability

•          Understand algorithm needs and development of infrastructure to enable fast iterations 

•          Understand key metrics that impact machine learning algorithms 

•          Agile integration of deep learning, data collection and failure analysis 

•          Design and execute experiments, collect and analyze test data to guide launch decisions

•          Analyze a wide variety of data: structured and unstructured, observational and experimental, with the goal of influencing system designs and implementations

•          Analyze user needs and software requirements to develop implementations within time and cost constraints


Xesto is early-stage, we are looking for someone who can:

•          Jump in headfirst and tackle challenges, and not be afraid to make mistakes

•          Be a fast learner

•          Make decisions on implementation, refactoring, bug fixes

•          Apply programming skills to new problems

•          Explore new technologies/approaches/methods

•          Investigate design challenges to improve effectiveness and optimization

•          Innovate in a small, collaborative team

•          Research and develop new products using leading-edge platforms

•          Bring energy, enthusiasm, and a desire to learn how to build a world-class software platform



•          Experience architecting and developing software systems

•          Previous technical lead in a backend project

•          Completed a BA, Masters or PhD degree in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Math or another relevant technical field

•          5+ years in software development

•          Proven track record of shipping large complex scalable systems/applications in an agile environment.

•          Expertise in statistics, machine learning, optimization, and/or building data products

•          Familiarity with machine learning concepts: regression and classification, clustering, feature selection, feature engineering, curse of dimensionality, bias-variance tradeoff, neural networks, SVMs, etc.

•          Parallel Computing knowledge

•          Knowledge of a statistical computing language such as Python/pandas

•          Experience with: Software Design, Software Debugging, Software Documentation, Software Testing