Executive Recruitment Consultant

This is not a typical posting for a typical job.

Are you at a point in your career where you want to be inspired by incredible products and great stories?

Are you fascinated by the people and teams who are disrupting traditional industries with technology and building companies that drive our economy and challenge traditional models?

Are you curious about what motivates great leaders, and excited about building relationships based on authenticity and trust?

We are a young company operating at the heart of the innovation economy. We service a need that our partners agree is the key to their success. And as our reputation and successes become recognized across Canada, we are growing. 

Artemis Canada is a highly specialized Recruitment firm - we are partners, ambassadors and headhunters - not HR or staffing. We are partnered with the most innovative companies - in KW and across the tech communities in Canada. We bring their unique stories to the talented professionals and accomplished executives who will drive their success, and find ideal matches between companies who ready to grow and incredible professionals who are ready for the next big adventure.

The members of our team come from diverse backgrounds, but all share a passion for the business of technology, incredible drive and smarts, and genuine care for everyone we interact with.

If any of this has captured your curiosity, do the following.

DO NOT SEND A RESUME, YET. We are not as interested in what you have done as we are in what you are drawn towards.


Send us a concise email that captures 3 things:

1. What do you believe is your most instinctual and innate talent? (be specific)

2. What do you believe you are capable of doing, if given the chance? (and please don’t say “anything I put my mind to”)

3. How and when can we get in touch with you?