Senior iOS Engineer

Rave is a media-focused technology company located in Waterloo, Ontario. Rave's two main products are an artificial intelligence DJ capable of autonomously mixing music together and a synchronous media viewing platform on mobile and in VR.

Rave utilizes machine learning to process, analyzing, and artfully combine user-selected music into mixes, or "mashups". Users have created over 2 million mashups at, such as Thunder vs. Turn Down For What, Wild Thoughts vs. Sua Casa, and Napal Baji vs. Uptown Funk.

The Rave app is available on iOS, Android, Samsung Galaxy Gear VR, and Google Daydream VR. Rave enables users to enjoy content from Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, Viki, Google Drive, Dropbox, and RaveDJ. Rave syncs playback down to the millisecond, allowing users to create local speaker systems from their phones. When users are distant, they can chat over text and speak on VoIP while they watch videos and listen to music. Rave is a combination of the best elements of a media player and a messenger.

What we are looking for:

- You’re a strong coder; regardless of which language you use or how you learned it, we’re looking for people who can write clean, effective code

- You enjoy collaboration with others - our work isn’t carried out in a vacuum, and everyone contributes to getting the job done

- You understand that making mistakes means you’re learning

- You have a constant desire to grow and develop

- You are passionate about product craftsmanship and care about great design, not only in products and their visual presentation but in your code and technical architecture as well

- You are comfortable in a high-paced environment and can respond to urgent requests

- You want to work on things that make an impact on the world