Product Strategy & Ops

About the Role

Services are at the core of Bidvine, and this role is about being the gardener – ensuring the health and growth – of these services. It’s a unique opportunity to directly and strategically make an impact on the business. PSOs must be highly analytical, creative in their problem solving, and action-oriented. Simultaneously they must have exceptional interpersonal abilities and exhibit natural empathy and curiosity towards a wide array of industries (our pros are a group as diverse of the range of services we support and the geographies from which they come).

What you’ll do:

  • Analyze key business metrics & generate insights – figure out what’s happening in categories using a blend of qualitative and quantitative methods (using platform data, and feedback from people and pros) 
  • Develop expertise in and across categories; understand a category’s unique needs, and share that intel across the company
  • Experiment & execute – test changes (product, operations) that drive growth and improve user experience; roll out new features, monitor their success
  • Collaborate & influence – work cross-functionally (e.g., with Product Management, Engineering, Marketing, Support, Operations) to shape the product and launch new features

Ok, but how will this manifest itself into the day-to-day?

  • SEO – services should have the right names, add services where needed, sunset services where not needed, add or sunset service labels as needed; predict impact of changes, analyze and adjust; are our services set up to drive maximal organic traffic?
  • Service mix – ensure that our service mix aligns with people’s needs, pro’s expertise, and Bidvine unit economics; are our services set up to drive maximal matching at optimum unit economics
  • Service-specific questions – service questions should be low friction and high value to facilitate the right match; service questions should be consistent and predictable; service filters and pricing options should work for all stakeholders; are our service questions the right questions for people, pros, pricing, matching?
  • BidMatch – what services should we launch, what do we need to launch them, how do we know that we’re right?