Software Maestro

Software Maestro


The thinking required to excel at NeuStyle:

  • Problem-solving experience and hands-on education inject value into software design/development
  • Smaller businesses provide unique, rewarding career & growth opportunities
  • Curiosity drives growth and builds value


The person who is an ideal fit for our team has the following attributes:

  • Works well independently [we accommodate solo interests], as a team player, or as a team lead
  • Sees merit in iterative software development processes [especially when clients are innovating]
  • Has technical ability, a desire to achieve, and a pleasing personality [we accommodate differences]


You will enjoy working with us if:

  • You want to illustrate your talents
  • Software development is an important part of your life
  • You get a charge out of sharing your software successes with other skilled software developers


Technologies we currently use include:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework (C#, ASP.NET, TPL, Linq), Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB
  • HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Telerik (Reporting),
  • Web Services (JSON, WSDL), Atlassian JIRA
  • bonus: Linux, PHP, MySQL, Android and iOS app development


Responsibilities of the position will include:

  • We have the flexibility to structure roles to fit individuals who excel at developing software
  • Some of our developers have ‘full stack’ expertise
  • Some of our developers enjoy developing new pieces for existing enterprise portals


Additional requirements:

  • Available to work at our Waterloo office


Respond via site.


About NeuStyle

  • Located in Waterloo, ON, we seek clients who know IT is the key to winning at business. While it sounds cliché, we get in the zone when people want us to use technology to solve their sticky problems.
  • To protect the enterprise portals we build for our clients, we have built our own ‘systems’: cloud services, systems-support services, cyber-security services, and IT policy and practices services. Also, we are an ISP.
  • NeuStyle is growing both its Software and Systems divisions.