Marketing Specialist

About Us:

The Voltera V-One is a desktop factory for circuit boards that allows hardware developers to cut their prototype time from months to minutes!

We are TechCrunch Disrupt Champions, one of the most innovative Kickstarter campaigns of all time, and the first Canadian company to win the James Dyson Award.

Back in 2013 we began our mission to modernize manufacturing… to show people that the equipment we use can be innovative, beautiful, and elegant.  To do that, not only do we obsess over the material science of additive manufacturing, but we place a relentless focus on customer success and user experience.

Our team is headquartered in Kitchener but we have machines in 60 countries around the world!  They’re at the world’s leading research and academic institutes as well as plenty of the coolest companies out there that build products that save lives, that better equip the military, that help us explore this planet and beyond, that teach children, and so much more.

We're not done yet though... we're going bigger and that’s where you come in!  


About the job:

There are plenty of people out there who don’t know circuit board printing technology is available, let alone that Voltera exists.  We believe that finding these people, getting them excited, and making it easy for them to engage with us, comes down to creating and distributing amazing content.  Initially, it will just be written and video content around our product and existing customers, but will eventually grow to information about us, our industry, and other tools/systems/information that can make their lives easier right away.  

Writing ability - A must have skill for this role is fantastic copywriting and editing for blog posts, video scripts, sales collateral and case studies as well as a basic SEO and traffic analytics background to track our efforts.  We’re not expecting you to understand every technical detail but prior experience marketing a technical product would go a long way. Companies that sell technical products tend to be boring but we’re going to show them we actually have personality and that we want be an advocate for them, not just the other way around.

Design ability - It will also require excellent image editing, graphic design, and the ability to adapt to and improve on the design style seen on our website and software.  Finally, we’re looking for someone with proven experience working with videographers, web developers, and grouchy engineers (just kidding, our engineers are nothing but smiles).  

Online engagement ability - Outside of our website, we engage with leads/users/fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, Youtube, Reddit, our forums, and our blog.  Each one serves a different purpose and gets used to different degrees. We will use these platforms to distribute our content but also to build relationships with our community, cheerlead our users, and lead discussion within our space.  Prior experience in online engagement is necessary.


About you:

Got a portfolio of work that highlights your ability to handle the stuff above?  We’d love to see it. Want to record a quick video to introduce yourself and what you bring to the table? is the place to send it.

We're looking for a fantastic written and oral communicator who we can trust to represent our brand and to delight our customers. Someone that comes with plenty of ideas but who also knows how to crank work out. Someone who can take ownership but knows when to ask for help.  Someone that is focused on the numbers but also obsesses about creating genuine interactions with potential customers.

We are currently running a lot of experiments on the sales/marketing side of things so we need people that are able to set hypotheses, execute quickly, collect data, analyze results, rinse and repeat.  

As we continue to grow, you will need to help us figure out how to fill in the gaps around you.

Don't know a resistor from a capacitor?  Unsure about the pros and cons of manufacturing in China?  We don't really care... in fact, we love to teach people about all of this!  If you are a voracious learner, passionate about making a technical industry seem sexy, and a damn hard worker, we're going to get along just fine!


About how we work:

We are a start-up.  This may mean long hours at times and the stresses of quickly changing priorities.  However, it also means you will have the ability to make and participate in large decisions and the chance to voice new ideas and actually be heard.

We will often just tell you the problem or project we’d like tackled and trust that you can find the best way to solve it. There is no hand holding but there is an unspoken understanding that we are all expected to teach and support each other.

We refer to each other as family, not coworkers.  We have company sports teams and support each other’s interests.  Come be a part of our family!