Senior Business Systems Analyst

We require a qualified individual to assume a leadership role, working with a team of users and technical staff, to specify requirements, develop/acquire, install, test, implement and support complex system solutions, which may include integration with third party software.  The primary responsibilities of this position are to elicit requirements, define business rules and procedures, analyze/design, validate and document business solutions, assess impact, adapt procedures, recommend change and execute deployment.  This position acts as a technical resource to areas of responsibility and serves as a conduit between the client, IT staff and management.


  • Provide leadership on medium to large projects by collaboratively working with clients, leading requirements gathering/definition meeting with clients, sponsors and their staff; detailing project definition, scope, goals and constraints
  • Perform in-depth business and systems analysis activities, capturing business processes and rules, system inputs/outputs
  • Organize, schedule and chair meetings, documenting results/progress
  • Research, negotiate and recommend solutions
  • Identify gaps in functionality and its implications
  • Define system security requirements for specific groups of users
  • Plan and design integration between various components/systems
  • Perform impact/risk assessment of new/automated system procedures, practices, forms
  • Create migration strategy to assist in transitioning to new systems/functions in a cost-effective, acceptable manner
  • Perform complete system testing, including presentation, functionality, codes, setup/configuration, implication of data changes, etc.
  • Identify and create test plans, execute test scenarios and/or processes required to support the unit test, as well as the fully integrated/consolidated test - ensuring quality deliverables
  • Plan, design and deliver training along with appropriate material and documentation
  • Liaise with departments to monitor system utilization and behavior while measuring the level of success for a given solution
  • Recommend and track project budget expenditures
  • Identify solutions for a variety of complex business and system issues, which entail software, hardware, data structures, business rules, etc.
  • When system problems occur, assess risk/impact, identify and resolve - in most cases independently
  • Review problems/issues/opportunities with users/consultants to determine scope and priority along with follow-up action as necessary
  • Develop, implement/coordinate and document solutions
  • Provide training, guidance and support to programmer analysts, management and system users
  • Develop/define reports using system reporting tools
  • Assume a quality assurance role to maintain the integrity and credibility of the fully integrated system and increase client confidence
  • Ensure final product/delivery meets or exceeds the required technical and business needs/requirements
  • Validate data to ensure system is not compromised
  • Monitor and improve work processes, with procedures designed in support of quality standards
  • Quality Assurance oriented to ‘detection’ and ‘prevention’
  • Perform quality assurance testing on deliverables to ensure adherence to standards/guidelines, policies and procedures




  • Three year university degree with a Computer Science or Information Technology major or a three year college diploma in an IT Specialization
  • Successful completion of courses in structured methodologies leveraging business analysis and design tools/techniques and principles in accordance with industry standards (i.e. UML)
  • Eight years practical experience working with complex systems and providing leadership of large mission critical systems (e.g. proven skills in managing, scheduling and documenting system(s), systems analysis including system design, database design, testing, implementation and evaluation of large complex systems)
  • Analytical, organizational, interpretive skills to define business requirements, map processes, determine solutions to meet established targets
  • Strong conceptual understanding of information systems along with a proactive approach to problem-solving and decision-making
  • Interviewing/facilitation skills to consult with groups about their needs (asking the right questions/listening with understanding) to bring forth essential business requirements
  • In-depth knowledge of requirement gathering, current system analysis/design methodology, along with proven testing and documentation techniques for complex systems
  • Knowledge of Business Process/Analysis tools/software, Relational Database systems, Information Management toolsets and applications for reporting and analyzing data
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills to communicate information