Logistics/Fulfillment Specialist

About us:

The Voltera V-One is a desktop factory for circuit boards that allows electronics developers to cut their prototype time from months to minutes! 

We are TechCrunch Disrupt Champions, one of the most innovative Kickstarter campaigns of all time, and the first Canadian company to win the James Dyson Award.

Back in 2013 we began our mission to modernize manufacturing… to show people that the tools we use can be innovative, beautiful, and elegant.  To do that, not only do we obsess over the material science aspect of additive manufacturing, but we place a relentless focus on customer success and user experience (I dare you to find lab software that looks better than ours!).

Our team is headquartered in Kitchener but we have V-Ones in 60 countries around the world!  We're not done yet though... we're going bigger and that’s where you come in!  


About the job:

We’re looking for a team player who can jump between the Production team and Fulfilment team. This role is will require you to wear lots of hats (They’re all fun! We promise.), primarily we need support with our outgoing orders to customers worldwide.  If you love working with your hands and have a high attention to detail, we think you’ll love this role. We’re looking for someone who is comfortable with working in fast-paced environments with changing priorities and understands that in this role, you are the hub of customer success since fulfilled orders equal happy customers.

Other responsibilities of this role include:

  • You’ll be at the center of all outbound shipping activities.
  • Picking, packing and processing of orders to ensure customers are happy.
  • Ensure on-time order fulfilment for internal and external requests (again, happy customers).
  • Responsible for working with couriers and customs to resolve any issues in transit.
  • Ensures HS codes and export documents for our products are up-to-date and accurate.
  • Assist with light assembly activities (we build things, so you will too).
  • QA is essential to great products, so you will perform final quality control checks on various parts and assemblies. Attention to detail shines in this part of the job!
  • Everyone wins when we have an accurate inventory count, so you will participate in inventory and cycle counts.

About you:

  • You have 1-2 years’ experience in a similar role.
  • You can generate shipping paperwork including customs documents like a boss.
  • You’re a pro when it comes to dealing with companies like DHL, UPS and FedEx for international shipments.
  • Previous employers would say you have strong organizational skills and strong attention to detail.
  • You are proficient in English.
  • Experience with Fishbowl, Shopify or other order management software is would be a plus.
  • Experience working with freight brokers would be a big plus!


About how we work:

We are a start-up.  This may mean long hours at times and the stresses of quickly changing priorities.  However, it also means you will have the ability to make and participate in large decisions and the chance to voice new ideas and actually be heard.

We will often just tell you the problem or project we’d like tackled and trust that you can find the best way to solve it. There is no hand-holding but there is an unspoken understanding that we are all expected to teach and support each other.

We refer to each other as family, not coworkers.  We have company sports teams and support each other’s interests.  Come be a part of our family!