Senior Software Developer

The team at Encircle is leading the $2Trillion Property & Casualty Insurance industry out of the dark ages of pen and paper processes into the digital age of transparency and empowerment.

We place an emphasis on easy to use software with robust underlying technology.

We're big on training and helping members of our team broaden their skillset to meet new challenges. As a Senior Software Developer, expect to lead technical decisions while still fostering a meritocratic learning environment.

Job Description

As a Senior Software Developer you’ll be joining an amazing development team of 10 people alongside our technical co-founders, Ronuk Raval and Christophe Biocca.  The role would be responsible for working with product management to understand requirements and then deliver robust, tested software that is easy to use and understand.  

Software developers at Encircle are able to work across a number of platforms which is perfect for full stack developers or developers who want to gain that skillset.

  • Server Development - Tornado (Python), SQLAlchemy and Postgresql

  • Web Development - React, HTML5, CSS, and Typescript

  • Mobile Development - Apple iOS, Android, and Javascript

  • Report Development - PDF and Excel reports

At Encircle, you will get the opportunity to work on many different software projects. Here are some of the things you’ll be able to work on:

  • Augment the existing data models or build entirely new ones to meet our evolving needs, while dealing with performance constraints, backwards compatibility, and no data loss, ever!

  • We care more about security than is healthy and have built some extensive tooling around access control and privacy.  Help make our systems provide stronger guarantees without sacrificing performance or ergonomics.

  • Our customers rely on our software to conduct their day-to-day business and have built up a laundry list of features to help them do their job better.  From notifications to tracking every change to every piece of data, help us help them.

  • Research and evaluate new tools and technology to keep Encircle up to date in an ever-changing technological landscape.


  • Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering degree or equivalent.

  • 5+ years of experience writing production software

  • Excellent organizational and communication skills.

  • A comfort level with working on multiple projects at once.

  • Experience in our current application stack and languages (Python, Javascript, Typescript, Java and Objective C) is helpful.

  • Experience working in a startup is a bonus