How interesting and challenging will the projects be?

Over the next year, Capacity Canada will be developing a design thinking program called Capacity by Design with the social sector in mind. We’re partnering with Overlap Associates, a leading design thinking consultancy, to complement our own in-house expertise. We have incredible funders who believe in the project and have committed to making it a success.

We’re going to be working with a diverse group of progressive social organizations in Waterloo Region and across Canada to help them understand design thinking. We’ll be running design sprints with these organizations to tackle all sorts of challenges.

We will be learning as much from these individuals and organizations as we’ll be teaching them. This is a unique opportunity to not only help develop design leaders in several communities, but for Capacity Canada to better understand how the social sector engages with design activities and solves problems.

Who will I be working with and what will I learn from them?

You’ll be part of a core team who will develop the program and supplementary material, test it, and then share it with social organizations. You’ll be involved in almost all aspects of the program and your opinions will influence it in concrete ways.

While working with other team members, you will learn from their expertise in design thinking, facilitation, problem solving, prototyping and development, evaluation, service design, clear communication, and, of course, the non-profit sector and social entrepreneurship. We are a nice group of people who are happy to learn and to teach.

How will I relate to the organization, its goals, and the role of design in each?

This is a bold project for Capacity Canada and we need your experience and skills to help it succeed.

  • You will contribute to the development of the curriculum and supplementary material.
  • You will help educate people and organizations about Capacity by Design. You’ll reach out to them, learn about them, and determine if Capacity by Design can help.
  • You will facilitate/co-facilitate design sprints, helping participants to work through design thinking and sprint exercises.
  • You will gather and analyze quantitative and qualitative data related to design sprints and the program in general.
  • You will grow with Capacity Canada as we learn from Capacity by Design. We will perform retrospectives and change course when it makes sense.

Our mission is to bring together the ideas, people and resources that fuel social innovation. Our team is comprised of industry veterans and experts with backgrounds in social innovation, governance, technology, and many more.

How will this job look on a day to day basis?

This position is a part-time, contract position. Compensation will depend on your skills and experience.

Some travel is required as design sprints will be held both within Waterloo region and beyond.

We are hoping to fill this position as soon as possible.

Capacity Canada is located at the Accelerator Centre in Waterloo, Ontario. It is easy to get to the Accelerator Centre by bike, public transit, or car.

Many of the Capacity Canada team maintain flexible hours. The team works together at the Accelerator Centre and, for this role, it is expected that the successful applicant would work on-site an average of two days per week.

Who will be a good fit?

Good design happens when teams bring their own unique experiences to bear. We think you are probably (or want to be, or have been...) a designer, a teacher, a problem solver, an engineer, a researcher, a marketer, a project manager, a facilitator, a product evangelist, or a networker. Each of these roles have the potential to contribute to Capacity by Design in unique ways.

Hopefully several of the following statements will apply to you:

  • You like to work with diverse groups of people, often for extended periods of time.
  • You enjoy variety - of challenges, of people, of schedule, of pace, and of task.
  • You are OK with few requirements but specific goals.
  • You enjoy collaborating with groups of people, often as a presenter or guide.
  • You are open to different points of view while working through problems.
  • You can often relate your experiences to a given situation for benefit.
  • You are confident in your ability to calmly and effectively work through difficult situations.
  • You can build upon an idea and foresee potential outcomes.
  • Your criticism is constructive and delivered with empathy.
  • You understand the interplay between business goals (including mission, values, and strategy), creative growth, and fostering community.
  • You appreciate relationships and know how to nurture them with individuals and organizations.
  • You are decisive when you feel you have the information you need to move forward.
  • You understand (or have) the entrepreneurial spirit; creating something for the world is exciting!
  • You are confident in your ability to lead (when the need arises) and appreciate how much you can learn by doing so.
  • You believe in the power of design to make the world a better place (in spite of the occasional setback).

Required Experience

We want to benefit and learn from your experience working on real problems with all sorts of people and organizations, and in different types of situations. While we are excited to talk to people from a wide variety of backgrounds, we expect applicants to have professional work experience or demonstrable and significant project work with industry or sector clients.

How to Apply

We are excited to meet you! Please apply by sending a cover letter and résumé by April 20, 2018 to