Senior Software Developer


The Senior Software Developer is responsible for contributing to the development and maintenance of ANSYS CFD meshing solutions, including TurboGrid. Development areas may include: improving the meshing workflows, UI, and methods, local mesh adaptation to features of the geometry and/or solution.  The Software Developer II will contribute in defining the technical directions and development of products, working closely with other meshing team members and other ANSYS teams to ensure the capabilities meet ANSYS strategic needs and our customer requirements.


The position involves developing, implementing, and maintaining functionality related to the development of meshing capabilities within CFD software. Areas of work for this position will include: improvements to existing capabilities, implementation of new features, and development of advanced meshing solutions.  Responsibilities include:
● Design, development, optimization and maintenance of features in ANSYS TurboGrid, according to project requirements and established quality standards
● Work closely with associated development teams to ensure that ANSYS products continue to be the best in class


● Master’s degree with five years experience or a Bachelor’s degree with eight years experience in professional software development
● Excellent and demonstrable programming skills in C++
● Willingness to learn, take initiative and work in a team oriented environment


The following attributes are desirable:

● An advanced degree (MS/MTech/PhD) in engineering, mathematics, or computational science
● Three years of professional development experience in meshing algorithms and related fields of computational geometry, geometry topology and meshing topology
● Proficiency in Windows and Linux code development
● Proficiency in Python
● Experience developing with the Qt framework
● Familiarity with various aspects of multi-threading, parallel and high performance computing
● Familiarity with numerical geometry operations like projection, intersection and tessellation.