Web Developer


  • web app development
  • native mobile (Android) app development
  • mockup and storyboard design
  • graphic design
  • data visualization
  • software debugging
  • performance testing for scalability and reliability assessment
  • automation of unit, functional and integration testing
  • senior quality assurance
  • client-side performance optimization
  • continuous integration and delivery
  • content creation
  • database design
  • technical research
  • business analysis
  • server administration
  • mail server configuration
  • security plan and policy development and implementation
  • search engine optimization
  • training and leadership of junior developers


  • 5+ years work experience in industry
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, or bachelor of Engineering
  • programming languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Javascript, Java, Python, C
  • development platforms: web, Android
  • continuous integration and delivery: Jenkins
  • performance testing: LoadRunner, Grinder
  • testing automation: Selenium, FitNess, JUnit
  • project management: JIRA
  • version control: git, Bitbucket
  • shell scripting
  • operating systems: Linux, Mac, Windows
  • mail server configuration: postfix, dovecot
  • collaborative documentation: MediaWiki, Google Drive
  • search engine optimization: WebPageTest
  • data visualization tools: d3.js, c3.js
  • web/mobile app internationalization
  • learning management software (LMS) integration


  • diploma or other certification in mobile app development (within the last 4 y)
  • work experience with a start-up
  • work experience with the educational technology industry


  • language: English
  • duration: permanent