UX Lead

About Us

At Carnegie Technologies, we are a strong technical team that builds communications products for the multitude of networks available today.  Whether that’s combining LTE and Wi-Fi together for better-quality VoIP calls that aren’t disrupted when you switch networks, aggregating networks together for smoother video streaming, giving your smartphone the ability to place calls over satellite from anywhere on the planet, or constructing end-to-end IoT systems that take advantage of the latest wireless protocols, we’re always looking for ways to get the best experience at the lowest operational cost.

We come from many different backgrounds and levels of expertise – but to all of us, craft and functionality are equally important.  We constantly learn and hone our skills and incorporate those experiences into every line of code.  We don’t ship “fast” solutions – we ship the right ones for our customers.  We’re also leaders that create quiet time to solve hard problems and the space to focus on the best result.

Our engineering team is spread across our offices in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada; Austin, Texas; and Romsey, UK.  You’ll have the opportunity to work with our super talented team of people, from experts in networking, machine learning, and applications to some of the pioneers of Wi-Fi itself. You might even get your name on a patent!

UX at Carnegie

The UX Lead will be responsible for tackling the UX challenges across all facets of our product portfolio, like those we’ve worked on in the past year:

  • Visualizing a wide variety of Internet-of-Things devices on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops
  • Eliciting user preferences on cost versus performance when aggregating bandwidth
  • Guiding users through pointing a satellite antenna towards the closest satellite
  • Distilling the information from dozens of IoT devices into simple, actionable alerts
  • Explaining the difference between single-flow and multi-flow bandwidth aggregation, visually
  • Designing the “out of the box” experiences for new sensors
  • Communicating success and errors using minimal LEDs on hardware devices
  • Preventing activation of satellite emergency services by accident, but not introducing delay in a real emergency
  • Visualizing sensor locations in urban, rural, and indoor environments using different types of maps
  • Designing mobile web apps for multiple screens devices that don’t feel “lowest common denominator”
  • Testing applications with outdoor workers, in rural locations, in the middle of summer.  In Texas.

While the challenges you’ll face working at Carnegie won’t be exactly the same, you can be sure that every new day will bring new problems and new areas to explore.

The Role

The UX lead will be responsible for interaction design and user testing across our product lines.

  • You’ll be a player, and a coach – actively designing the user experience of our products, and leading others to achieve the best result
  • When you are designing, you’ll be designing user interfaces, developing pattern libraries, eliciting requirements from our product teams, writing personas and user stories, troubleshooting existing designs, and doing hallway usability tests
  • When you are leading, you’ll be doing design reviews, setting internal best practices, locating great UX teams to work with, building our internal team, and coordinating UX activities
  • Your early wireframes will be quick sketches on paper, on a whiteboard, or with other tools – to elicit ideas or to explore a concept
  • You’ll do later designs in HTML – to capture interactive elements of the design, and hand them off for implementation to our development teams
  • You’ll initially be the only UX professional at Carnegie – but lead a global set of UX teams working on specific products and industry verticals
  • You’ll be working across all our products – network convergence, IoT, and Satellite (and more to come)
  • You’ll be pushed by your colleagues to deliver quality products in a reasonable timeframe – and trusted to seek input from then take the best action

About You

  • You have a wide knowledge of user experience/human factors/interaction design/user interfaces – through a related degree or diploma, or practical experience
  • You are self-motivated and independent, and excel at taking high-level guidance and just getting things done
  • You have very strong verbal and written communications skills
  • You are comfortable programming in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – enough to be dangerous, though you won’t need to work on production code
  • You are comfortable working with visual design tools, whether Photoshop, Illustrator, or others – though you’ll work with our marketing team on the final look and feel
  • You are experienced with writing and maintaining personas, scenarios, user story maps, and other artifacts that place the design in context
  • You have deep knowledge of designing for mobile, including multi-screen and multi-device limitations
  • You have experience working in a cross-functional role, bringing together engineering and product to make applications that delight users
  • You are comfortable using version control (we use Git), video conferencing, Slack, and running commands on the command line
  • You have some experience leading a UX team and shipping products
  • You want to work in a small, fast-moving team with lots of responsibility (and few roadblocks to getting things done)
  • You want to understand how the Internet works at a deep level, and why rebooting your router fixes it when it breaks

Work Location

  • You’ll be working out of our office in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada, with occasional travel to our office in Austin, Texas

Apply Now

Send your resume and a few examples of your work to dev-jobs@carnegietechnologies.com