Senior Java Engineer​ at FinTech Startup

Employment Type

Design an ultra-high performance financial system and own your design/implementation in a mutually respectful collaborative environment with a no-nonsense team.


Why This Position Should Interest You
We are working to make a significant change in an established industry which has not yet understood the potential of the area we are working on. We have assembled a highly experienced and senior team who is serious about and working diligently to realize our vision. We love open source technologies, and believe in managing and maintaining our own data centers, and are investing our time and money to push the limits of what is possible.

About Us
We are an innovative, regulated FinTech startup in stealth mode, building an institutional level risk transfer solution. We are a small group of senior-level engineers, financial traders, and entrepreneurs with well over 75 years of experience in startup ventures. We are working on a startup with both significant upside and extremely interesting engineering challenges that may include decentralized technology. We have invested a great deal of time in solving a large, global business problems, and are now seeking technical expertise for design and implementation.

About You

  • You really want to work in a functional startup environment
  • You have always been curious about what it would be like to work within a highly collaborative environment devoid of hierarchical constraints and political gameplaying
  • You have worked in large corporate engineering environments, and perhaps even a Silicon Valley startup, for at least 10 years.
  • You seek intellectually challenging projects; solid technical & business teams; the freedom to create & influence well designed solutions that you can be proud of, without the gridlock typically associated with larger projects
  • You have developed misgivings toward large frameworks and now tend toward minimalistic and elegant designs


Your Role

  • Work remotely with a team across North America
  • Participate in an ongoing conversation with other team members with the goal of creating the best design possible
  • Participate in an ongoing conversation with other team members with the goal of creating the best design possible
  • Design the architecture of high-performance systems
  • Commitment to operation within a collaborative framework of design, decision making and implementation (see Valve Employee Handbook)

Required Experience

  • 6+ years Java experience
  • Solid knowledge of database architecture and design
  • High-performance database environments


Optional Experience

  • Engineered solutions within highly regulated environments, such as HIPAA or PCI, where security is paramount
  • Java optimization
  • Cassandra
  • Development for & within Linux-based environment
  • Financial systems

The candidate may work virtually, but engineering operations will be headquartered in Austin, TX.