Senior Application Developer

Are you looking for unlimited opportunities to develop and succeed?  With work that challenges and makes a difference and a flexible and supportive environment, we can help our customers achieve their dreams and aspirations.

We're not who you think we are!

What if I told you that Manulife, a financial company, has a fun, laid back work environment with flexible hours, jeans, and work from home arrangements? What if I told you we're working towards modern tools and processes including DevOps and tools like Jira, Jenkins, and Docker? What if I told you we are striving to innovate and schedule monthly hackathons?

No, you couldn't possibly be talking about Manulife!

But I am! We're not some old, stuffy insurance company. We're a large company with lots of young talent going through a transformation to be not just a financial company, but a technology company.

We're not who you think we are!

If you have at least eight years of experience, including technical leadership, and want to build upon what you know, to grow and expand your career, check us out. If your skills and interests fit ours, we want to hear from you.

What Tools and Technology Would I be Using?

You consider yourself to be an expert in one of these technology stacks:

.NET Core, ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server


Java, Oracle, Hibernate, J2EE


Node.js, SQL Server

In all cases you will work with the following, so experience in these is a definite asset:

  • RESTful services, JSON
  • Test Driven Development
  • GitLab / GitHub
  • Jenkins, Docker, and SonarQube for a DevOps chain
  • Jira, Confluence
  • Kafka, NiFi
  • Javascript
  • React (experience with other frameworks, such as Angular will work), GraphQL, Relay
  • Bonus points for cloud development, especially Pivotal Cloud Foundry and / or Azure

What Work Will I be Doing?

We're looking for senior developers to complete our team. We are in the process of transforming, and we’re looking for someone to learn and grow with us! Your responsibilities would include:

  • Work with Business Systems Analysts to come up with solutions to problems
  • Deliver on requirements for new and existing clients
  • Develop new solutions and maintain existing ones
  • Help to continuously improve tooling and processes
  • Participate in peer reviews
  • Enjoy your job!

Am I Right for the Job?

 We're looking for passionate, motivated individuals to join our team's exciting journey as we grow, pioneer, and innovate. Experience with any or all the tools and technologies we use is a huge plus, but don't let one of those list items deter you! If you're excited by the notion of joining a team that is going to disrupt, make a name for itself, and have fun doing it, we want to hear from you!

Why is this job Important?

Our team deals with companies who want to provide great benefits packages to keep their employees healthy (physically and mentally!) and happy. We make this a reality by providing a customized onboarding experience, allowing companies to offer what THEIR employees want.

What Will I Learn on this Job?

You will learn about working in a large organization, all the tools and technologies mentioned above (including DevOps!) and thanks to a supportive company, with a culture of continuous learning and improvement, whatever else you want! Tell us what you want to learn and we'll help you get there!

What about Perks?

Manulife has lots of perks including, but not limited to:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Retirement Savings Accounts including a RPP (Pension Plan), RRSP (Retirement Savings Plan), and TFSA (Tax Free Savings account)
  • Manulife Share Ownership Program with employer matching
  • Customizable Benefits Package including Health, Dental, Vision, and 100% of Mental Health expenses
  • Financial support for ongoing training, learning, and education
  • Monthly Innovation Days (Hackathons)
  • Wearing jeans to work every day
  • An abundance of career paths and opportunities to advance
  • A flexible work environment with flex hours, work from home arrangements, distributed teams, and condensed work week arrangements

Ok, I'm Sold. Now what?

Send us a resume and a cover letter telling us about yourself and why you want to work with us! We're excited to hear from you!