Software QA Analyst

About Us:

Founded in 2015, ISARA Corporation builds quantum resistant cryptographic solutions for today’s computing ecosystems. The ISARA Corporation vision is a world where consumers, enterprises and governments can benefit from the power of quantum computing with protection against quantum attacks. Our team has expertise building high performance cryptographic systems for constrained environments. We’re proud to be part of a collaborative effort with academic and standards institutions to raise awareness of the potential for quantum threats, and design and implement quantum resistant solutions for classical data security systems that will work globally. 

Position Summary:

We’re looking for people who are passionate about how to test security protocols to join our Development team — a group of dedicated individuals who implement cryptographic algorithms and integrate them into Internet protocols. Members are responsible for implementation and testing, with a heavy emphasis on security, efficiency, and resiliency. Our implementations are for a variety of desktop, mobile and embedded platforms.


  • design and build automated test frameworks for our toolkit and other products
  • benchmark and optimize our products for efficiency and speed
  • create tools to test our code for correctness, security and performance
  • analyze requirements to determine test plans
  • integrate static and dynamic analysis methods into our development and build environments

Skills and Qualifications:

  • a degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or Software Engineering
  • experience in software development or quality assurance development or tools development
  • solid proficiency in automated testing, including unit testing, in-browser functional testing, performance testing, and everything in-between
  • experience with incident tracking software (for example, JIRA, etc.)
  • experience with C or C++ programming
  • experience with any *NIX operating system (Mac OS X, BSD, Linux, QNX or any Unix variant)
  • experience with protocols such as TLS, SMIME, IKE/IPSec, and PKI
  • ability to dissect a problem and form solutions that meet real-time constraints
  • an independent work ethic to bring tasks to completion

Additional Assets:

  • experience with cryptography is a plus
  • experience with static and dynamic analysis tools (for example, Coverity, Klocwork, Valgrind etc.)