Software Developer (Full Stack)

Plum believes in the importance of finding the right fit for every role in a company. By using industrial/organizational psychology combined with AI, our system enables organizations to build teams that are both effective and diverse. Our SaaS platform quantifies the traits that matter to match applicants to the right roles for organizations around the world.

We’re busy working on the next iteration of our product offerings and the future is both bright and ambitious! We’re looking for a software developer to join our team, who will help us to craft a beautiful product experience for our customers.  

The right developer will:

  • Be a well-rounded software developer with experience backed opinions.

  • Have built RESTful APIs and have experience with Python.

  • Have experience with Javascript and have built single page web applications (e.g. Angular, React, etc.)

  • Believe strongly in writing testable and maintainable code.

  • You love to learn and extend your skills.


The Plum team strives to grow, improve and learn together.

  • We’re Agile and believe in peer review and knowledge sharing.

  • We use Docker in our development environments to make things repeatable and easy.

  • We use Git and the Atlassian family of products to collaborate.

  • Our RESTful APIs are written using Django/DRF and Postgres.

  • Our Front-end is written using Angular/Typescript/RxJS/ngrx.

We want to know more about who you are as a whole and how you’ll fit with our team and culture, as such we ask that you complete the Plum Discovery Survey (follow the Bitly link below). By taking our Plum Talent Assessment you’ll get a chance to check out our base product first hand and get your own Plum Talent Profile that highlights your strengths and gives you tips to make sure your next role is the right fit.

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