User Interface Developer

About Us

  Cellbie is a startup, looking to disrupt the used mobile device market by applying modern cloud software concepts to the evaluation, tracking and sale of used devices, offering them in real time to a pool of competing buyers. We've been at this for about 3 years now, we have a product, we have paying customers in the US, UK, and Canada, and we've completed our initial round of fund raising. It's time to grow our engineering team to meet the demands of the coming year. Visit our website at for more details.

  If you join Cellbie, you'll be joining an incredible team. There are four founders: Mark VanderHeyden, Scott Bell, Dave Wormald, and Terry Whyte - look us up on LinkedIn to see what we've been up to. We have been successful in some of the largest companies in the tech industry, but we are also a group that has started up companies and joined early stage startups to help grow them into successful businesses. This is a strong team with a nice balance of business and technical. 

  Cellbie Engineering's work environment is very nice. Engineering is currently "living in corporate sin" with another startup run by old pals of ours. They're a little further along than us, and so have a really nice office space in Richmond Hill near 16th and 404. We have space within that office. There is a nice greenspace nearby, and our pals are smart folks who love to talk about software engineering and nerdy stuff in general. I love the coffee here. We're going to be in or near this spot for the foreseeable future. Our development methodology is agile. Our philosophy is that iterating, frequent releases, close customer contact, and very close team contact can produce great software.

About the job

  We are looking for a user interface developer. Because we are a startup, this covers a ton of ground, including the web UI for our product, product design, user experience, mobile application development, web widgets for customer use, UI for Cellbie's MCE client, and other programming projects. If you love programming what the end user sees on their screen, this is your chance to be the first employee of our user experience development group. This is the part of the job listing where companies typically post an alphabet soup of acronyms, hoping to find someone who knows a lot about the things listed. To that end, here is a list stuff that a successful candidate might have on their resume:

  •   a post secondary degree in a computer science or a related discipline or equivalent work experience
  •   strong aptitude for programming in Javascript
  •   strong CSS and HTML skill set
  •   experience with JQuery and Bootstrap
  •   experience developing web applications, not just web sites
  •   cross browser coding experience
  •   bonus points for 
    • knowledge of other web frameworks and programming systems
    • experience with mobile application development, especially cross-platform, Android and Apple
    • experience with Bottle/Flask, Redis, Elastic, RESTful APIs
    • experience with *nix OS environments, cloud computing environments
    • experience with Mercurial, JIRA, Rackspace

  More important than the stuff listed above, are the following attributes:

  • you love writing code and building products
  • you want to make the Cellbie user experience great
  • you think that how the user sees and interacts with the product is the key to successful software
  • you are not afraid to work hard, learn stuff, and take on projects outside your area of expertise
  • you have a passion for user interface, design, and user experience

  Salary and benefits are negotiable depending on experience. Our budget is a little closer to junior level, but we can be creative if the right intermediate/senior developer is interested. The job itself has plenty of interesting work for even senior developers.