Peraso is a Canadian Tech firm forever changing the world of wireless, and we want YOU to join us in the 60 GHz Revolution! 

Named as one of the leading WiGig chipset manufacturers, Peraso is paving the way to exciting new applications and technologies such as wireless VR, with WiGig-enabled headsets, game consoles, PC's notebooks and USB dongles.  Our goal is to provide best-in-class products for the Consumer Electronics (CE) market, specifically to the mobile segment, including smartphones, tablets and digital cameras.

We have assembled a remarkable team filled with the skills and talent required to transform the way the wireless market operates, making this the perfect opportunity to learn from the best and make an impact in a quickly emerging technology sector. 

We are looking for motivated, creative and passionate Senior Millimeter-Wave/RFIC Design Engineer to expand our team and deliver top-notch solutions. 

  • If you're looking for the opportunity to be a part of something big, Peraso is for you!
  • If you're hoping to find a fun, vibrant workplace in the heart of Toronto, Peraso is for you!
  • If you're dreaming of a team that brings together experience and creativity, Peraso is for you!
  • If you love exciting, new technologies like wireless VR and gaming, Peraso is for you!

60 GHz (WiGig) technology has the means to transform the wireless market, and Peraso has the team to make it happen.  Join us!

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The successful candidate must have hands-on experience designing several of the following circuits:

  • High-frequency (>10 GHz) front end: LNA, PA, modulator, mixer, LC-VCO, frequency divider/multiplier, switch, filter and phase shifter.
  • Mixed Signal: PLL/DLL, ADC, DAC, VGA/AGC

The candidate must also be skilled in the design and modeling of custom inductors, baluns, hybrids, transformers and transmission lines.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Develop high performance RFIC blocks for mm-wave transceivers using Cadence tools.
  • Understand mm-wave transceiver specifications and translate them into circuit-level specifications. Excellent problem solving and analytical skills are essential.
  • Design and verification of calibration algorithms such as DC cancelation, VCO setting, LO rejection, IQ gain and phase mismatch. Use of internal ADC/DAC for digitally controlled loops.
  • Proficient in Spice-like block level simulation (Spectre, Goldengate) for linear, non-linear, and noise analysis. 3D EM simulation experience is a plus.
  • Execute physical layout of all circuits and have a thorough understanding of all layout requirements.
  • Participate in IC assembly, SOC verification and lab evaluation.
  • Design of 60 GHz front-end circuits and Gigahertz-bandwidth baseband circuits in SiGe BiCMOS and deep sub-micron CMOS.
  • Design of 60 GHz power detectors and DC offset DACs for TX LO leakage minimization.
  • Passive 60 GHz power splitter/combiner design for multi-element phased arrays.
  •   Passive device design, characterization and modelling (TLs, inductors and capacitors).
    Development of digital pre-distortion and IQ calibration techniques for enhanced 60 GHz TX EVM
  • Present and participate in regular design reviews.
  • Prepare and maintain project documentation including general specification, circuit description, and evaluation reports.


  • M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering or related field. Ph.D. is highly desired.
  • 6+ years of design experience in transistor-level RFIC circuit design including both state-of-the-art deep sub-micron CMOS and BiCMOS technologies; III-V experience could be considered.
  • Experience at or above K-band is highly desired.
  • Experience with Verilog-A/AMS and Matlab for system modeling and verification is an asset
  • Experience with high volume IC manufacturing is a plus.
  • Hands-on experience with high-speed test equipment and bench test skills.
  • Ability to take on tasks outside area of expertise.

Please Note: Peraso Technologies is committed to supporting the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (Ontario), ensuring accommodation for people with disabilities throughout the recruitment process and employment lifecycle.