AngularJS Developer

We’re looking for an AngularJS developer to help us make our smart forms even better and make our customer-facing form building tool a pleasure to use.


We’re FormHero. Our platform creates smart forms for enterprise organizations. We turn internal and customer-facing processes into easy, beautiful experiences for those who use them.

You’ll be working on the user experience and functionality of our smart forms to make them crazy easy for users, as well as working on the UX of FormHero Studio, so smart forms are equally easy to build. Specifically, you’ll be:

  • Working on the components of the customer-facing forms to make them better than ever

  • Ensuring a well-thought-out CSS / SCSS Structure

  • Building smart forms for clients, as needed

  • Implementing UX best practices for both smart forms and in FormHero Studio

A bit about you

You’re an AngularJS developer who loves making products that delight users. You love finding design solutions to tricky problems, and you’ve got a solid understanding of what makes a good user experience, and you’re excited to work in small, cross-functional team. We’re looking for:

  • Strong JavaScript skills

  • Strong CSS / SCSS skills

  • Knowledge of nodejs

  • Demonstrable UX design skills (portfolio preferred)

  • Background in Comp Sci or relevant experience

The perfect candidate would also have:

  • A good understanding of Directives/Components in AngularJS

  • A foundation in Test-Driven Development (TDD)

  • Experience with Nightwatch for UI testing

  • Experience with Gulp or other JS build tools

  • Experience in Agile & Scrum Development Methodology

  • Skills with CSS Animations

  • Agency experience

A bit about us

We’re FormHero, a growing Fintech startup in the heart Toronto, Canada.

We know how frustrating bad processes are. Like getting asked for the same information again.. and again… and again. Or filling out complicated, time consuming forms, printing them, and sending them only to get it back weeks later because your handwriting was too messy to read.

We get it. Our goal?

We think that stuff should be easy. Stuff like opening a bank account, getting a credit card, buying business insurance, or transferring assets from one bank to another. We make processes like paperwork better for customers and organizations by turning existing workflows into beautiful, digitized, and automated smart forms.  Because there are more fun things than dealing with paperwork.

What we do (more specifically)

We’ve built a platform that lets our clients create and launch smart forms.

What are smart forms? They’re like forms, but smarter, more intelligent, and provide an amazing user experience. So not like paper forms at all really. Our smart forms might be customer-facing processes like onboarding new clients, internal processes, or both. Our smart forms:

  • Embody UX best practices for effortless and error-free information capture.

  • Allow data to be pushed into any new or existing process or legacy system.

  • Empower even non-technical people to build and deploy smart forms.

We’re already working with major Canadian banks and Canadian government agencies to make all sorts of processes just work. Now, we need you to keep growing.

Why you should spend 40 hours a week with us

We compensate fairly

Toronto’s expensive. We get it. We pay enough so our employees don’t have to eat noodles and spam three times a day. Somewhere between $60K-$130K for a front-end dev, depending on experience.

We value the work

We judge our people on their output, not how many hours they’re at their desk. It doesn’t matter if you like to work at home in your PJs or are a strict 9-5-er: we want you wherever you come up with your best stuff (we do need to see your face now and again though, like when we’re collaborating to work out weird and brilliant dev solutions).

You’ll do all sorts of new cool stuff

We’re big believers in the integrated team. This means that you get to do a little bit of everything. We encourage our people to reach past their comfort zone, and give everyone the opportunity to do what they love (even if it’s not ‘technically’ your job). As an early employee, your ideas and efforts will certainly be heard and will have an immediate impact.

We’ve got a good thing going at the DMZ

We’re based out of the DMZ at Ryerson. It’s home to over 50 startups, countless entrepreneurs and tons of energy.  Beyond just doing your work, you can also pop into sessions about venture capital, sales training from Google or book a session with one of the sales coaches or mentors. All in beautiful offices in the heart of Toronto. Plus, there’s Good Scotch Friday, where we all raise a glass of, well, good scotch.