Sr. Quality Assurance Analyst

About the company

FleetCarma is a growing technology company providing a unique connected car platform focused on electric vehicles that helps green the transportation sector. The automotive industry is at an exciting crossroads where traditional fuel-based powertrains are transitioning to plug-in electric and the internet of things has crept into all aspects of daily driving. FleetCarma has a front row seat to all of these exciting changes and is playing a large role in the adoption of plug-in vehicles across the globe.


FleetCarma has developed the world’s only electric vehicle monitoring and control platform which uses vehicle data and metrics to drive intelligent and impactful decisions for fleets and individuals. On any given day FleetCarma’s development garage will be filled with the latest electric vehicles: Model S’s, Volt’s, Leafs and the more than 30 other plug-in vehicles that are supported by our products.




FleetCarma is looking for someone who has experience in various aspects of Quality Assurance, and knows that there is a lot more to QA than testing. We know QA is important and do our best at wearing the QA hat at various times. We want better however, so time has come to bring in people focused on this craft. As one of the first dedicated QA resources on the team, you will have ample opportunity to work on QA processes and best practices as well as hands on testing etc. While you will be working on the cloud software team, there will be opportunities to work with the hardware and firmware teams at times.


“I’ve done QA as a co-op and think I do a decent job at it, but am really looking forward to having someone on the team who really knows this stuff and can help us all get better at it”
- Philip, Software Developer  


Key responsibilities include:


  • Assessing and improving the current QA process

  • Introducing QA automation as appropriate

  • Participating in sprint planning

  • Creating test plans

  • Executing test plans


Must have:

  • Understanding and exposure to a wide array of QA practices, processes and tools

  • Expert at one or more of

    • QA Automation

    • Manual Testing

    • Security Testing

    • Performance Testing

    • Agile QA

  • Demonstrated ability to learn

  • Ability to switch between big picture thinking and hands-on doing


How to apply:


Send a cover letter and resume to with subject QA Analyst.