Full Stack Developer

LoanConnect is a fast growing #FinTech Startup with real revenue, with real customers, real partners, and a real future.  Our team believes that 20th century banking constructs are prime targets for disruption and our in market MVP is doing just that.  

Now it’s time to take it to the next level!

Join the Team

Our team is small so you’ll play a big part in building LoanConnect’s success.  You’ll be working up and down the stack, and a little DevOps too.  If it’s software and we made it, together we’ll make it better.  

To execute on our strategy we need developers who know that high-quality software is critical to success.  Developers willing to break the rules to innovate our way into the future. Developers who don’t know everything; yet can learn anything.  Developers like you.

Don’t wait any longer, send us a note and let’s talk about the future.

Our Stack

Our Stack is what we have today, not who we are.  Technology serves our purpose, and when we find advantage in a different technology, there will be no hesitation to switch.  A diverse team must include people with skills not represented in the current stack; it’s those people who teach us new things.


  • LAMP (Ubuntu Linux, Apache2, MySQL, PHP

  • CakePHP, jQuery, Bootstrap

Future (you help us chose):

  • Native Mobile Apps in any of Swift, Kotlin, etc.

  • Single Page Apps in any of React, Angular, Next.js

  • REST APIs in any of Swagger, Node.js, Ruby, PHP


You have practical PHP experience and know what MVC stands for and we’d love to hear from you.