Scrum Master

The Support Services Innovation Lab is hiring a Principal Scrum Master!  The Innovation Lab is a new organization within PTC which is dedicated to accelerating our pace towards Support Services long term vision.  Automation, analytics, new tool analysis, online platforms, as well as emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence will be within the scope of the Lab’s mission.  In order to ensure rapid prototyping and iteration, with transparency, the Lab is seeking to deploy practicies that adhere to industry-standard Agile methodologies.

Your role as the Innovation Lab’s first Scrum Master will be to assist with the creation of our Agile best practices, systems, and education.  You will have the opportunity to shape the future of the Innovation Lab in a fundamental way and champion Agile best practices across the Support organization.  In addition to the creation of Lab practices the Innovation Lab Scrum Master will be responsible for providing Scrum Master coverage to innovation projects, as well as project oversight to ensure the team is executing against its goals.

The Innovation Lab will be a fast paced environment.  A startup team with the support of an established organization.  We believe that this role is an excellent opportunity for those that thrive on change and innovation.

This role is available in our Waterloo, Ontario office.

Primary Responsibilities:

Establish Agile Methodologies within the Support Innovation Lab

Lead the creation of a ground-up Agile environment

Establish tooling, processes, best practices, and rollout plans for our Agile approach

Advocate up to the Senior Vice President Level

Assist the Lab with advocating Agile methodologies across the organization

Work with leadership (internal and external to the Lab) to coordinate resourcing for key initiatives

Educate & Mentor:

Scrum Practices, Agile Manifesto, Principles  and Values

Purpose and Outcomes of Scrum events (Stand-ups, Backlog Refinement, Sprint Review and Retrospective, Sprint Planning)

Mentor the team on epic/story creation & management techniques and overall Agile Principles

Foster high performing & self-organizing teams by guiding the teams to stay aware of the sprint boundaries, timelines and milestones


Help in conflict resolution

Coordinate and facilitate scrum events of backlog refinement, planning, review, retrospective and standups   

Shield the team from interruptions that can jeopardize iteration goals

Work to resolve impediments encountered by the team by engaging all appropriate resources within the organization

Facilitate the creation of a strong and healthy team culture of accountability, cooperation and excellence


Assist with introspective practices

Coach the team to support a collective story ownership

Create opportunity for the teams to improve overall quality of their product and deliverables

Maintain a good balance between team capacity and commitment

Encourage learning and continuous skills improvement for team members; seek opportunities to promote continuous learning

Foster an environment that promotes self-organization


Advocate adherence to documented process

Participate in continuous process improvement activities

Be the “go to person” for processes associated with planning, monitoring, change management, control and configuration

Be able to explain the value proposition for Scrum processes and process improvement

Leads or participates on process action teams as assigned


Watch out for developments in teams that may jeopardize the sprint and/or release

Escalate Sprint and/or Release risks through appropriate channels for notification and/or resolution  

Create Sprint health report or status/ progress report and disseminates information to the stakeholders as required by the process

Ensure that the team is engaging and seeking input from the stakeholders proactively.

Ensure that the team knows how to obtain sufficient resources to complete the commitments. Flags resourcing issues to appropriate channels to address the resourcing issues

Required Skills and Knowledge:

Education:  Bachelors Degree or equivalent experience

Professional experience:  7+ years

Demonstrated expertise in Agile development methodologies

Experience with leading an Agile transformation (E.G. Traditional Waterfall Environment -> SCRUM)

Project Management experience leading R&D initiatives ranging in size from small team/ short term to large multi-team projects

Proven ability to work across various levels within an organization to advocate Agile.  Individual contributor up to the SVP level

Ability to speak directly to product vendors and Customers

Experience with training others on Agile methodologies and role

Preferred Skills and Experience:

Experience working in a startup environment is an asset (but not a requirement)

Experience working in a Technical Support environment is an asset (but not a requirement)